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    Default Vega Saddle- fit check?

    Hey yall. I have a Vega saddle for my WB and havent gotten it checked for fit since I bought it... Now, I havent noticed any issues but then again I dont really know what to look for. I dont have a ton of money to spend, but I dont want to be paying for more expensive things in the future. One thing on my list is getting my saddle checked for fit and adjusted if possible. (and of course along with that is a dental check and many more pricey horse stuff! yay!) But this wont be until he gets more into shape as he is getting back to work after being on "maternity leave" with me I just dont want to hinder him excelling.

    So if anyone can give me any information on Vega and how to get the saddle fit checked? Go through them (if possible) or through a local fitter (if so, any recommendations in the North DFW area?) and how much these things typically cost? Is there anything I could look at myself to see if there are any problem spots? Certain places to check for? I'm pretty clueless in this field unless there is a very obvious problem with the fit (or one that could be as weight/tone increase!) I'm willing to take some photos of saddle on horse and see if anyone with a better eye can tell me if a check would even be worth my money Just tell me where to take photos of, angles, etc.. \

    Thank you!
    Clancy 17hh chestnut Dutch WB, '99. Owned and loved since '04 and still goin'!

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    Your best bet is to try an independent saddle fitter. Not sure about the case in your area, but here there's no Vega/Amerigo reps anyway.

    I have a Vega (just trying to sell it now actually so I can buy a CWD) and I've found that in general they fit a little wide, and rock a fair amount if your horse's back is flat.

    Depending on your horse's temperament I think they should also tell you if a saddle fits or not. Maybe not right away, but if you see rubs, dry patches when they're otherwise sweaty, or acting out in weird ways those are all warning signs. (For example I knew mine was sliding back a bit on my boy, but one day he started bucking changes. Never seen this horse buck before so I knew something was wrong. By the time I got off he had rubs on his back. Called CWD that day, haha).

    Search the forums here though for more on saddle fit, there's lots and lot of descriptions of how to fit a saddle yourself.

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