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    Default Dressage Children's Horse Books

    I was just looking through my horsey bookshelves, revisiting my old friends from my childhood in memory, and I realized that I only have two dressage fiction among them: Marguerite Henry's White Stallion of Lipizza and Felix Salten's Florian.

    I can believe that jumping and racing are more common settings for kid's books, but surely there are more than two dressage-based stories?

    Anybody know of others?

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    Dec. 13, 1999
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    Canadian Entry by Chrisalot Hansen It is about her journey to the Tokyo Olympics

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    Jul. 13, 2008


    If you count the dressage phase of eventing, British children's books contain some, although mostly of the "Bother! I loathe mucking about with dressage! When can we go cross-country?" sort.

    One newer American book I can think of is Susan Juby's Another Kind Of Cowboy. And then there's the slightly disturbing entry in the Black Stallion series, The Black Stallion's Ghost.

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    I've not read this ook
    but the author is one of my favorites
    I wasn't always a Smurf
    Penmerryl's Sophie RIDSH
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    Jan. 12, 2009


    I think Jesse Haas did some dressage novels - <Working Trot> was one.
    $ .01 on Amazon !

    Read a long time ago, but as best I recall, promoted Vermont's horse, Morgans, for dressage, while delighted me as we had Morgans at the time.

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    Jan. 12, 2009


    mmm, you'll prob'ly find it better under *Jessie* Haas...

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    Jul. 21, 2009


    There is "Flying Changes" by Caroline Akrill (bit dark but good).
    "The Horse Dancer" by Jojo Moyes which I loffed.

    OP, the two books you mentioned - are they any good, worth acquiring? I'm looking for a few Lipi stories...

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