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    Dec. 16, 2006


    Time to compromise, methinks. Distinguished older Gentlemen (over 50) such as myself should be able to wear Top Hats without harassment from the multitudes, simply because we're too old to linger as vegs, and more likely to be killed outright, thus easing the load on Social Security. The youth should be protected from themselves...possibly forced to wear bubble wrap..maybe those airbag vests they created for motorcyclists...

    And tall men such as myself should be banned from wearing Bowlers. They look silly on tall men.

    Any other business from the heat crazed crowd out there? Gawd this is miserable...come on fall...

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    May. 25, 2003
    Orlean, Virginia

    Thumbs up Thought for MM!!

    Oh Major Mark I loves ya but from my perspective how about this thought?!! If all the Distinguished Older Gentlemen (D.O.G;s !! ) become brain damaged.....then who will all us Old Chicks date?!!! HuH?!! Ever think of that?!! See?!! There's enough brain damaged people out there hunting! We don't need no more!!!
    Wear it...and be WONDERFUL!!!

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