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    Default attire!

    DD and I are joining a hunt after several years away, spent eventing for the most part. DD is 14 and has never hunted before. She has a navy coat, that being most versatile for pony club. Can she get away with wearing it?

    I know the square pads have got to go. I'll be getting a new coat and vest (can't fit into old vest, old coat has colors from former hunt). Brown gloves required over black? What else is de riguer?

    I should add that when I hunted previously I was a just-married and hunting on a shoestring budget while my husband was in graduate school. The Master of that hunt gave me a lot of leeway regarding dress--I never, for example, had a proper hunting whip, only a jumping crop.

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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Ask the secretary of the hunt that you will be riding with. I know my hunt club wouldn't have a problem with what you've described, but they all differ. Do you and DD have a sponsor that could give you some advice?

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    I would contact TVH, but I think navy is OK. When I went with them on a Sunday (Saturday meet cancelled due to weather), I had my black melton, a canary shirt (hidden by stock tie) and some lovely warm/fuzzy dark tan (?) breeches. Granted, I was not a member of the hunt, but some of the members had on the same color of breeches which made me feel like I was OK .
    I also did the beige-ish/light tan leather gloves I found at Tractor Supply in Bristol. Once again, talk to TVH, but it seemed like I saw brown, black or tan gloves in the field.

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    As others have said, each hunt establishes their own dress code, ours allows both black and brown gloves, others do not. If you are joining they will surely provide you with the written details of their dress code. Our club makes exceptions for junior riders and new members get a year to get all their tack and clothing up to par as it can be significant $$ if you are starting from scratch.

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