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    May. 9, 2001


    I don't believe any of Rockstarr's posts were deleted; she didn't post on the threads that are gone.

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    Jan. 21, 2000


    The point of self moderation is to be responsible for your own actions. It comes down to that and nothing more. To think about how what you are going to say will be received and the consequences both to yourself and to others.

    The fine line is the fairness and arbitrary attitude that many have felt.

    Unfortunately some on the BB have tunred it into someplace where ideas are deliberately ignored and peoples meanings are construed in a way that vilifies them when they are not in the "majority" of certain threads and ideas here. People here should feel free to critique each other and have objection to what they feel is wrong or what they disagree with. In return as long as they follow the rules and regulations set forth their ideas in this case posts or threads should be allowed and those who cause the issue regardless of how popular or not they are should be the one's reprimanded. Just because someone starts a thread that another does not agree with does not mean the "offended" person has the right to "go off" and hide behind a shield of rightousness.
    Whether no one sees it as an issue or not there has to be fairness, and the moderators do have a very difficult job because they are people and have their own views and opinions and feelings and yet are required to keep those in check to do their job of promoting a fair environment.

    That I think pretty much sums up the way I see it?
    "All life is precious"
    Sophie Scholl

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    Oct. 20, 1999


    Moesha, you are a born diplomat! I will now apply myself to figuring out how to lock this topic.

    Friendship is Love without his wings
    -Lord Byron
    "If you would have only one day to live, you should spend at least half of it in the saddle."

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