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    Default Intec Cushioned Vest: Anyone have one?

    I adore my Tipperary but it's time to change out my vest. I wear my Tipperary ALL THE TIME...schooling, trails, starting youngsters...and I love how comfortable it is! I've accidentally driven home in it more times than I can count! I wanted to get an approved vest but the tack stores within driving distance of me only have a few. I felt SOOOOOO constricted and uncomfortable. I can't imagine wearing one for XC...even more so daily like I do with my Tipperary. So, I'll take my chances with the stick potentially stabbing me through the separations and stick to one I'll actually wear:-). My big question is when I was trying on vests they had an Intec Cushioned Riding Vest that looks just like the Tipperary...has the individual panels. It was only $110 new...significantly less than a Tipperary! Anyone use one? Is it as safe as a Tipperary? Not sure if the money Tipperary charges is for namebrand or higher quality/safety. I won't skimp if it's safer but I don't care to pay $200 more just for a namebrand! Any info you have on them would be great!! Thanks!
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    I have one, it's as comfy as the Tipperary version but the cut is slightly different (IIRC, the front panels extend a bit lower?) -- so try it on and find a saddle to sit in if you can.

    It's not approved, but then neither are the Tipps. Haven't fallen in either vest so I can't really vouch for the impact factor, sorry!
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    My friend has this vest and HATES it. She says it is not even half as comfortable as the Tipp vest. It's much harder, cut differently, and doesn't conform as well as the Tipp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotawyatt View Post
    My friend has this vest and HATES it. She says it is not even half as comfortable as the Tipp vest. It's much harder, cut differently, and doesn't conform as well as the Tipp.
    I'm the friend, and Dakotawyatt is right... I hate it. Definitely a case of "it looks the same," but the fit is not at all the same... nor is the sizing. The laces are super-short, as well; I had to buy new Tipp laces for it. If you are used to the Tipp and love it, you will be highly disappointed with the Intec.
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    I thought I liked my Intec..... until I tried on a Tipp. The fit and feel is completely different, the intec is much thicker and stiffer. Not sure how the fit compares exactly, as I haven't gotten to try a Tipp that's my exact size lol

    I'm now hunting for a Tipp on ebay/etc in my size

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    I have the Intec and love it! It fits my body type perfectly (I do have a shorter torso)...I forget I am wearing it and IMO it offered the same protection as the Tipp, but much less expensive. I don't event (yet) but wear mine for jumping and trail. I think you have to try one on to see what fits best. I had a FlexRider and it felt like a stiff board on me, and bumped the back of the saddle at the canter.

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