Craigslist ad- not my horse.

I have an 18 year old thoroughbred mare I looking for a good home for. She came up with ringbone last year, but is still rideable. She can no longer jump, but trails and flatwork are okay. I keep her sound with minimal supplements. The reason I am giving her away is that she is just a little too spunky for me at times. She is not for a beginner. Very sweet on the ground, you can do anything to/with her. I just don't have the experience to handle her when she gets a uppity in new situations. She has a very good mind though. My daughter has ridden her on several occassions in the arena and on trail. I hate to give her away, but I know she won't pass a vet check for sale with the ringbone. Very nice conformation, more of a quarterhorse build than a TB. She registered through the Jockey Club. I think she would be a great mount for someone with more experience, a very in your pocket mare, but does need someone who will take control without being rough. Vet references will be a must as a happy and safe home is a priority for this girl, she is very special to me and my daughter. She is about 16 hands and a full bay. I will be uploading pics very soon, or if you contact me I can send them to you directly. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 908-339-3149.