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    Default USDF Adult Clinic series - Applying to ride?

    So, I've been reading through the details on the Adult clinic series, and it is emphasized a few times that the focus is for the auditor...but, that said, I'm still thinking about applying to be a rider in one of the Lilo Fore clinics this year...

    Has anyone done this? Pros? Cons?

    Of course, it is a 3 page application and requires video as well. It might be a moot point as there is no guarantee one would be selected as a rider.

    Also, how many have gone to audit these?

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    So I tried a few years ago - but unfortunately they didn't advertise til the last few days (less than a week) so had to just video my normal lesson. Never heard anything except - would you like to audit? I declined the audit.

    I did attend a Kyra K clinic years ago - and totally loved it (she rode at least one horse for about 10 minutes and the difference between her riding and the lesson guy riding was totally amazing - lesson guy had horse tense since he was all hands. Kyra actually dropped the reins after initially getting the horse together - and using just her seat kept the horse round and forward. Totally different horse - but of course you have one of the best riders in the world riding him.

    The older clinics focused on problems that most of us encounter every day - latest ones seem to focus more on perfecting a new movement. I preferred the older clinics - I can work on new movements with my trainer but like a "new set of eyes" (new exercise) for issues that pop up (or are re-occurring).

    Since I live in Florida I also get "put off" if I have to drive 3 hours to get to a clinic or if the clinic is in Welly world, as that place is VERY expensive - and who wants to pay more for gas, lunch, etc when you're already putting out a good amount of money for the clinic?

    Just my 2 cents....
    Sandy in Fla.

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    I've ridden twice in these and audited another time. I've found benefit in both and was glad I went all 3 times. You do have to be willing to put yourself out there and know that you and your horse are going to be used as an example. Of course if you're willing to listen and do what is recommended then theoretically you and your horse should show some improvement by the end of the session in which case I always consider it a success.
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