1. Please make your thread titles short, descriptive, and to the point. Avoid titles like "Does anyone know..." and "Where can I find..." If you say WHO or WHAT you are looking for in the title of the post, you'll get more responses.

2. Please try to minimize typos and use Internet shorthand sparingly. If people can't read your posts, they're much less likely to reply!

3. Use paragraphs, and leave a blank line between them. It makes it soooo much easier to read your witty or insightful post!

4. Please keep your signature file (the text that is automatically added to the end of every post) short -- four lines or less is a good guideline. Long sigs get tiresome after a while, and make all the threads longer than they really need to be.

5. Use the search engine! Your question may already have been answered in a previous post.

6. Please help keep the BB "clean" by contacting the moderators if you see a problem brewing. We can't read everything, so sometimes we need a "heads up." If you click on the yellow warning triangle icon on a post, that will send an alert to all the moderators about that particular post.

Thanks, play nice, and enjoy!

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