There are a handful of so-called waterless shampoos/baths but could I make my own? I own soap-less shampoos, Show Sheen, BioGroom leave-in spray, and white (& red) vinegars. Could any of these be ingredients in a DIY waterless bath?

Fluffbutt pees on his foreleg and flank feathering. He was neutered Monday therefore cannot get wet. He is stinky, sticky, and full of debris. Longterm, it would be fantastic -for him; I'm learning to enjoy it - to not have to bathe him every couple of weeks.

Currently, spraying then brushing reduces but does not eliminate the stink and stick: sticky hair picks up tons of debris.

Just this weekend I saw a genius solution for foreleg pee: a PWD had tube socks on! So I cut the feet off tiny baby socks I had for winter salt and pulled em up, carefully sculpting the hair on the leg first to get maximum coverage. They were huge and his feathering stuck out of the bottom anyway . Vetwrap would provide a barrier but seems wasteful...