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    Default Foaling patterns

    Do any of your mares have patterns with foaling?

    We have only 1 mare that I think has had enough foals to say she seems to have a definite pattern. Last night she foaled her 5th for us. 335 days (Sorry Kathy, Eq Repro ) which makes 5 for 5 that were 334-338 days. All 5 have been foaled between 8:45-11 pm

    Her daughter had 1 foal for us and she also foaled 10-11 pm but did go 354 days

    2 of my mares have had 2 foals and both mares foaled within the a 2 hour window for both foals, but that could be coincidence and not a pattern (1 foaled between 11-1 and the other was 3-5 am)
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    So far, I'd say yes.

    Two foals only so far with me, but both times, roughly 333 days and around 8-9 pm.

    But my sample is too limited to mean anything...
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    Hmmm. I wouldn't say there are definite, set your watch by them patterns but there are sometimes patterns. Maybe.

    We did have one mare that would NOT foal if we were in the barn. 7 foals and only once did she deliver when we were in the barn - but I was outside with the repro vet going over when she was coming back to breed the mare in the next stall with frozen! So I came back inside in plenty of time to watch the baby get up, nurse, etc. She liked her births to be private, I suppose.

    Weather patterns sometimes influence when they foal (low pressure systems, storms) but again there is no defining pattern. They foal when they foal.

    Typically, ours have foaled sometime between 9 PM and 9 AM but there are plenty of 'daytime hours' deliveries to counteract that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EquusMagnificus View Post
    So far, I'd say yes.

    Two foals only so far with me, but both times, roughly 333 days and around 8-9 pm.
    Can I have that mare? What a nice time to foal! Mine always seem to either bracket midnight or 2 am.

    One mare foaled 4 foals at 342-345, but the others, not that much of a pattern.

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    My mare has "only" had 4 foals to date. For all 4 foals she has foaled between 321 (first foal) and 333 (third foal) days. She ALWAYS foals between 11:00pm and 12:00am. She never waxes up but you can always tell because she is "distant" with the stare.

    That mares first foal had her first foal (say that 10 times fast :P) at 325 days and at I am not sure if it is coincidence or what...?

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    I have one who has, so far, been very much like clock work. Starts dripping a bit, foals the following day before 7pm. That's 4 for 4 so far.

    The others haven't been quite so consistent...
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    I have one mare, that has just foaled her 4th for us. All early, first a colt at 333 days, last 3 fillies at 330 day She has caught first time every time.. always is bred back on the 30 day after foaling.. keeps backing up a few days every year... Not too boast..

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    My mare went exactly one year 365 days for at least 3 of her foals. She always foals in daylight.

    So when she started bagging up around day 280 something, I KNEW something was wrong and insisted on meds for placentitis. (And I was right despite the vet telling me everything was ok.)

    So it is GOOD to know your mare and if she's new to you, track down her previous foaling pattern.

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    I LOVE my mare, and she is so clockwork, though I don't need any more babies, I want to breed her. Takes first time. First foal 338, 2nd 336, 3rd 337, and the 4th and 5th I have at 337 between 10 pm and 1.

    I told my vet to set up to come and do a foal check the day after 337 on the last foal, and she was just laughing her ass off. My brother and sister in law drove 6 hours to come and see her foal on 337. They drove up for that night, saw her foal, and my vet was out the next day checking.

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