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    Apr. 25, 2012

    Default Princess Needs a Castle...

    We saved a cat from the local shelter, my 5 yr old named her Princess Sabine. Once home, we learned she'd been sweet and loving at the shelter because she was sick with a terrible bladder infection & upper respiratory. A trip to our vet for a round of antibiotics she's now full of life - a bit too full. Princess Sabine needs a new castle, indoor/outdoor, or barn. If we return her to the shelter she'll be euthanized before we get out the door and she doesn't deserve that. She's a concern to have around my little girl because she's very prey-driven and bites/scratches too hard while playing. The shelter neglected to inform me at the time of adoption that she'd never been in a home before. She's not 'feral' per se because she can be loving and quite sociable, but on her terms & for short periods of time. I think she still has a lot of kitten in her (~ 15 months old). I've been told by people at rescues (of course, they're too full to accept her) that she'd make a good barn or even indoor/outdoor cat because she'd be a great mouser and enjoy the return to being outside. I can't allow her outside where I live because of the leash law (no way could I get a harness on this cat!) and we're in an apartment community on a busy road. PLEASE, if anyone knows someone who would enjoy her and give her a safe, loving home please pm me. I have pics and video to share. Thank you all!

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    Mar. 4, 2010


    It might help if you list your location.


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    Feb. 25, 2012


    Where you at? I have an aggressive boy who needs an aggressive female to play with... love the name!!

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    You might try keeping her in one room that doesn't get a lot of traffic. When she begins to realize that people equal food and attention she should modify her behavior accordingly. It might take a month, maybe more. I've had several kitties rethink their behavior after a month of solitary.
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    You may also want to post her on the Givaways forum here on COTH. Pictures help too! Best of luck. If I did not have 7 (eek), I would offer to take her...

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    Apr. 25, 2012

    Arrow Thank you all for your advice and trying to help -

    Princess Sabine lives in Columbia MD - I don't mind a good long drive if it means a good home for her. Thank you to lilitiger2, I wish we were closer - don't think I could quite get to Montana though and yes, Princess Sabine is a great name, my little girl's so creative (Thank you!) I'll post pictures in the Giveaway Forum, as recommended by witherbee and continue working with her as we search for her new home. Thank you all for your comments, great advice and help! Please keep in touch, and check the Giveaway Forum for pics if you like. Please help me get the word out Thank you!
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