After reading threads re: halters, my search for my mare's next halter has been reignited. Right now I am very much leaning towards Tack Shack (if they ship to Canada?), and from what I've been reading, they will customize your halter so it fits properly.

My mare is on the petite size (she's about 15.2 now at nearly four, and I don't think she'll get much bigger than 15.3)... but not hugely DAINTY. She wears a horse size bridle, and I *thought* the show halter I had was a horse size but she was swimming in it, so I'm thinking it was OS/WB.

In any case... can anyone give instructions on the most accurate way to measure things like crown piece size (I believe their regular horse/mare is 24'', for example). And nose piece, perhaps? I'm not sure if a poster was referring to the Tack Shack per se, but they mentioned getting a cob nose piece on a horse halter for a closer fit.