(Posting this for a friend - this is not my mare but I will relay any interest or questions to the owner)

2000 Registered ASB Mare - pedigree seen here: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lady+o+cool

In her younger years, "Lady" was shown in 3-gaited saddleseat and placed well. She was then donated to a college program in approx 2004/5 due to her owner's divorce. She was used for a couple of years, then thrown out to pasture and auctioned off in 2009/10, where she was purchased by her current owner.

Unfortunately, when she moved barns and changed farriers late last year, Lady went lame in her right front. She has had a full lameness workup (minus xrays) and it has been determined that the pain is in her heel (this was found after being nerve blocked). She is sound when on bute, but still off-and-on lame when taken off of it. She is currently in shoes, but has been left unshod before. The farrier is working on lifting up her heels to relieve the pain, but it doesn't seem to be working thus far. She never had any lameness problems prior to her current issue.

She was bred a couple of years ago, but she didn't take and was never re-bred to try again. Since being bred, she is unsuitable to turnout with geldings, but is fine to go with mares. She must be with other horses or at least in a field next to them as she does not like being alone. She is a typical Saddlebred and can be a bit high strung and excitable, but she is also very sweet and loving. Loves attention.

This is a great mare, and if someone is willing to put the time and money into figuring out her lameness issue, they will end up with a fantastic horse. My friend is worried about where she will end up due to her issues, so she must go to a good home. She would also be suitable for a Saddlebred breeding program as a broodmare.

Pictures of Lady are available here: