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    Fairview, I've had enough horses to know the little darlings have their own 'sense of humor' and truly when experienced loader doesn't the good owner/trainer quickly reviews what's different/new in the horse's life and if nothing comes to mind then certainly the horse can be disciplined into loading.

    Capt. Vladimir Littauer defined abuse as pain inflicted unintentionally by the ignorance or inexperience of the rider (ie. banging on the back, balancing on the reins). Cruelty was defined as knowingly intending to cause the animal pain (whipping in anger, excessive spurring).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sithly View Post
    Patented COTH Waffle Bat (tm).***

    Guaranteed to make your horse behave, no matter who's watching!


    ***Waffles not included.
    I LOVE the looks on the faces of the men behind this woman!

    BTW - today my Son & I went to pick up a horse for a new boarder that was supposed to be a notoriously bad loader. I packed the usual 2 lunge lines - one with a chain, lunge whip, half scoop of grain in a bucket, 2 apples, extra halter, lead ropes and tranquilizer.

    As we began setting up, my Son said loudly "Mom you forgot the whiffle bat!" The giggling from the buyer, seller, my Son & I, the barn owner and assorted spectators turned into a roar of laughter! We all got such a kick out of the ABSURDITY of this video and it's accuser!

    I wonder if "Adele" realizes what a joke she has become?

    He actually loaded with minimal drama 2 approaches and a wee tap from the butt end of the whip. He was well rewarded for being a good boy and making the most of a load without the patented CoTH loading device!

    "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryswyn View Post
    It always amazes me that horses don't load. By that I mean if you acquire a horse that doesn't load, why isn't teaching to load quietly put on the training program along with flying changes, rollbacks, barrel patterns.
    One answer to this question is that many people do not own a truck/trailer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodland View Post
    Wow you sure know a lot about this....
    I've only posted two comments - one that Erica was not a former client of the trainer (which was confirmed by someone else) and that AV had received a link about the situation but that she was not involved as far as I could tell.

    Just trying to keep facts straight - the innuendo and conjecture are doing fine on their own

    And because I get your underlying question: I "know" Erica through mutual friends (we have never actually met or talked) and I have worked with Asia.

    Carry on...
    Most people don't need a $35,000 horse. They need a $1,000 horse and $34,000 in lessons.

    "I don't have to be fair… . I'm an American With a Strong, Fact-Free Opinion." (stolen off Facebook)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodland View Post
    ...I wonder if "Adele" realizes what a joke she has become?
    Probably not...

    Lets not forget she specializes in ego-free horsemanship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7HL View Post
    Probably not...

    Lets not forget she specializes in ego-free horsemanship.
    This is for the arm-chair psychologists out can you be ego-free when you have a website touting yourself as wonderful and spiffy for the whole wide world to look and admire ABOUT YOURSELF...

    Anyone wanna take a stab at that one?? Something seems amiss to me... Just sayin'.
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