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    Default Branding of Argentine Horses- Info Please

    I was curious about the branding of Argentine horses and hoped someone may be able to provide me more information.

    I have a mare whose previous owner imported her from argentina via a polo pro. She is a polo pony and has a brand on each side of her tail. On the Left is 93 (9 then below 3) and the right side is 57 (five then below 7). She does not have a lip tatoo or any freeze brands.

    I found another post on here indicating that the left side is the year of birth, however they have also said that it is only a single digit.

    The vet aged her as mid to late teens, so I wondered if the 93 could indicate she was born in 1993. Just curious to find out more if possible. I also have a OTTB and found it neat to know her history via her lip tatoo.


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    My DD leased a horse who was bred in Argentina - He had a hip brand indicating the breeder and then numbers on the left side of his tail for the foaling year and the numbers on the right side were his id#.

    I emailed the breeder to inquire and he knew who he was right away.

    Does your horse not have any other brands?

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    Apr. 23, 2012


    Thank you for this info!

    After a very, very close inspection this evening I found another one! It is on the lip hip area, almost on back of flank closer to butt.

    It was very faint. As best I can tell almost looks like a four left clover with stem in J shape. Or possible mirror image 3s with J under? It is hard to tell, because it is much harder to see than the numbers and is in a muscled spot where my mare has to be standing just so for me to really see it.

    Would you happen to know where I could find more info on breeder brands?

    Also I made an error when copying down the number earlier. She has a 9 and 5 on her left (which would still make sense aging her apx. at 17).

    Thank you again!
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    Sorry - didn't see you edit your post...

    Ours had a saddle and HJ because he came from the Henry Jota program. It took me a while to figure it all out but Google will be your friend. If nothing more it will bring up other people making the same inquiries.

    Once I knew what it was, his brand was much clearer, but in the beginning I couldn't figure it out either. Depending on what color your horse is it may be easier to see when the horse is really wet.

    Good Luck!!

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