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    Default What is a frock coat?

    I apologize, I'm new to hunting.

    I just learned that hunt coats can be jacket style or frock style. (Is that right?)

    Can someone tell me what the frock style is? Link to a picture, perhaps?

    tx so much,

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    Frock coats are longer than a hunt coat, have a waist seam and usually have seams from the arms to the waist seam on the back (called a panel back). See this:

    Frocks are cut longer to protect and keep your thighs warmer during long hours in the field. That's why in many hunts frocks are 'reserved' for members with colors because it's thought those members are more likely to stay out for the entire hunt. They are also generally more expensive than a hunt jacket so many fox hunters don't purchase one until they are very sure they are going to continue foxhunting. They are available in several weights. The Meander, shown in the link, is lined with a warm wool tartan and a polished waterproof skirt (because it will generally lay on the sometimes hot, wet horse.). They are extremely warm and heavy. Many customers would complain that they were too stiff to ride in comfortably, but these people didn't realize that these coats have to be broken in. Riding in it once or twice a season when it's bitterly cold won't do it. But a well broken in frock made of melton wool is absolutely necessary if you're going to be hunting in the winter.

    Now, of course, hunts rarely last all day or require two horses, so many hunts will just tell a member to wear what they have or fits them best.

    Some women look much better in a frock. Others will always look better in a hunt coat without a waist seam.
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    Thanks sooo much, Kryswyn. You have been incredibly helpful. I really appreciate all the time & effort you have put in your replies.

    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, . . .


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