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    Sep. 11, 2011
    Area VI

    Default Android apps??

    I finally joined this century and got a Smartphone. I must say, I do miss my old flip clunker, but this thing IS pretty cool!!

    Does anyone have any horse/eventing/dressage Android apps they just loooove? Of course now that I have a shiny new toy I must load it down with stuff I'll actually use! FYI, it came pre-loaded with a Nascar app. UM, no.


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    Sep. 23, 2008

    Default Course Walk

    Download Course Walk, it's pretty awesome.

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    Dec. 11, 2006


    I agree that I love Coursewalk. I only got to use it once last year, but I am looking forward to using it in a couple of weeks. If i have time it might be fun to use it to walk the course at Rolex
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    Sep. 23, 2008
    New England


    I just downloaded an app last night that I think will help me with dressage. It is a Metronome! ("Pro Metronome") My horse gets quick at the trot, and I post faster and faster with him. My coach tells me to slow my posting. I find it hard to find a rhythm other than what he is trotting. I plan to put the Metronome at the right pace and try to post to that. (clearly just while schooling, not at shows!)

    And I agree that Coursewalk is a cool eventing app.

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    Jul. 30, 2005


    Not strictly horsey, but make sure to get the Kindle app.
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    Jul. 17, 2005
    Atlanta, GA


    i have the course walk app and i love it! i also have usef equitests 2, which has every dressage test ever, as well as diagrams and will let you record and then play back a test reading! really handy at shows to look over your test at the last minute.

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