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    Default Need advice - how to keep up with horse sold to the US


    A friend of mine is in the final stages of selling a jumper to a US trainer/dealer and would very much like to keep in touch since it´s her own breeding which now is 8 yo.

    I have some experience in finding horses thru usef-search, googling, facebooking and so on but would like to know your best ideas.

    She has told the dealer and will staple a note in the passport with her information and "To future owner - Would really like to keep in touch".

    Any ideas?



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    Best of luck! The chances that the passport goes out of the agent's possession to the new owner are very slim!

    Such was our experience with a horse that we imported from VDL who went through a name change. We did find her under her new name and her owners were delighted to connect with us.

    Such was our experience with a retired international level GP jumper that was imported. In that instance, she never had a name change and all have helped to restore duplicate papers from her registry .

    Such was our experience with another jumper although in that instance we still have contact with the trainer and keep tabs on the horse who competes under a new name

    And such, we fear, will be the fate of of a yearling that we bred whom we sold to one party only to have her flipped and sent on to an unknown buyer.

    This is a very large issue that the breeders' group spearheaded by ML O'Connor will be addressing.
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    You might try sending a little book with all the likes, dislikes, habits, and quirks to the new owner by mail and include your contact information in there and express a desire that whomever owns the horse keep the book with the horse and keep in touch with you. Some people might ignore it but many are true horseman and have respect for others as being the breeder. I know I for one would love to get a small book filled with info about a horse I was buying. Seems it would act as a bit of a road map to his life. Other than that, I swear every US citizen is on Facebook and it seems you really can find anyone these days! Best of luck.

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    Well I would put it in the sales contract that the new owner provides you with the horse's USEF # and/or if they decide to change the name. We either provide lifetime USEF #'s for the horses/ponies we sell or offer to reimburse the cost of a lifetime # for the horse. That way we know all the information is complete, correct and my name is on the record as the breeder. The cost of doing this is minor compared to spending hours trying to find the horse if they have registered with a new name or re-sold the horse.
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    Maybe it is time for the microchip i.d. to have a GPS feature...
    since the USEF etc seems to not have a way for us to track the wonderful horses we produce. And I am not really joking, since this is such a huge problem!
    "Where knowledge ends violence begins." B. Ljundquist

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    Amen Anne!
    Summit Sporthorses Ltd. Inc.
    "Breeding Competition Partners & Lifelong Friends"

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