After losing my mare to a pasture accident a few months ago, I am now ready to look for another horse, or large pony. I am an intermediate rider, 5 ft. 3 in., 155 lbs., so a large pony could also be suitable. I am 47 YO, with almost 40 years of horse experience. My husband and I own our farm, we have 6 12 X12 stalls in the barn, individual or group t/o with well kept electric fencing, a nice outdoor arena, and miles of trails (wooded to hay fields) right off the property. We also have a hay business, doing over 10,000 bales a year, so no horse ever goes hungry around here. I have feed, farrier, vet, and numerous references that are horse related-friends and former boarders.

I am hoping to find a horse for riding 2-3 X week, I tend to ride a few times in the arena (1/2 hour) and one, sometimes two trail rides (hour or so) over the weekend. Due to chronic Lyme disease-arthritis, fatigue, etc., I'm looking for a horse that does NOT need riding 5 days a week....but still can do walk, trot, some canter. I ride both English and Western, but prefer English. The trails out back here do have a few hills, and trappy spots (stream bed, some mud), so I need something serviceably sound. Hubby and I also like to do a few hunter paces in the fall, if time allows. Hilltoppers only, we don't jump.

Mare or gelding, breed not important, but a registered QH is a plus, as I am in the trail riding program with over 900 hours logged so far. Age is not terribly important either, but after putting down my 27 YO in late Fall 2010 (age related issues), and losing my new mare to the accident recently, I want something I can hopefully get some enjoyable years out of!

Perhaps someone reading this is ready for a younger horse to campaign, and would like to semi retire their older, well trained, SANE horse. Horse MUST trailer well, enjoy trail riding, and NOT be herd bound (even though I never ride alone)...Small quirks OK, as we all have them I am totally open to farm visits-within reason. Free lease is an option, too, if you prefer.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this, please PM me if you know of anything. Location-SE CT, 10 minutes from RI border.