Have a 9 yr old female boxer/lab mix . She has occasionally throughout the years had some runny eye issues that I had always treated successfully with triple antibiotic ointment for a few days. I noticed her squinting alot more around March 9. Took her in and found her to have corneal abrasions on both eyes. I figured it was from running through the woods catching groundhogs. She received Neocin drops twice day. Took her back 2 weeks later. Right eye healed, left eye was worse. Added Tobramycin drops and oral antibiotics. Two weeks later still not healed. Took her to an Ophthalmology Specialist and she was diagnosed with a "boxer ulcer". They scraped the cornea, applied a contact lens, received Neocin drops twice a day and wore the cone of shame for about 10 days until she destroyed it. She seemed better until 2 days before her recheck yesterday. Now she has a new ulcer and the old one is healed! They re- scraped, put in another contact (they only stay in a few days at best), new cone of shame and drops 3 times a day. Any of you boxer owners had this issue?? Did they ever heal?? She is our best ground hog killer but I'm afraid to let her in the fields because I think she won't fare very well trying to get one with the cone of shame on her head!