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    Dec. 21, 2011

    Default Conformation traits thread

    List a perfect side on conformation photo with the horse's age at time of the photo and you may or may not receive comments in regard to the horse's levering or functional conformation (for racehorses). One photo per poster thanks.

    Thread should not be taken too seriously, and below are further disclaimers for nit pickers.

    Use all comments strictly as a guide or indication only.

    Comments will be based on traits rather than flaws, therefore your horse is very unlikely to be slandered. OP will be attempting to look at horses in a positive functional manner.

    For the sake of the forum/thread the OP is not claiming any qualifications and comments therefore should be not taken as definitive in any way. Comments are simply and only an *opinion for consideration. They can also be totally ignored. OP much prefers to let comments (knowledge) do the talking, rather than making self claims.

    Standard conformation analysis may not always apply, as comments will be based on levering and functional conformation for a purpose. Many old text book *theory standards will not apply so perhaps kindly refrain from making assumptions based on text book knowledge which is often of a further general nature.

    Some of the comments may be quite refined, and because of this may *appear to go against standard theory. Perhaps this can be looked in a similar manner to pink, which when further refined may also be regarded as many shades including Redcurrant etc. In reality both recurrent and pink may both refer to the same color, and although one is a further refined description than the other - both may be labeled as correct never-the-less.

    No information on breeding or horses history is required, as comments will be based on looks only. This makes it harder for the OP but helps ensure the rating is independent of other factors, and unbiased as possible. It is up to the user to then combine this in a general assessment including breeding and other factors if he/she wishes to do so. (Comments in regard to breeding and performance are most welcome once conformation comments have been left)

    Like breeding, not all horses will perform true to type due to a number of reasons, so use comments as a guide only.

    Conformation is only one part that makes a horse. Breeding, mentality, training, heart and many more factors may be just or more important than conformation or levering. Please no lectures regarding this.

    Read comments carefully and try not to get upset with 'self assumptions' that are not directly stated.

    OP is not here to educate, and prefers just to rate horses, so you may be left scratching your ear. For people with a prior knowledge of functional conformation and a fuller understanding of proportions and levering, the going may or may not be easier. OP much prefers to let the conformation comments do the talking.

    Rating is based on an image/photo only and may lack accuracy. The comments therefore should be seen to relate to the photo, and then perhaps to the horse depending how well the photo matches the horse. The better the photo the more accurate the comments will be. Only the poster knows how well the image reflects the horse in reality. This is in no way a full assessment. Comments will also rarely refer to possible soundness issues as the OP cannot assess the horse in person, and is not VET qualified. (Always seek proper VET qualified opinions on such)

    If you do not believe in conformation, levering, assessing conformation from images etc, this is totally understandable, but I kindly request you please kindly refrain from looking through thread.

    Poster posts in the understanding that his/her horse may be totally ignored or missed.

    OP acknowledges that she/he will certainly not be correct on every post or horse, but hopes to offer some insights and relevant comments overall.

    Posters post realizing that the OP will be rating most horses where possible, and will not be looking to specifically selecting horses he wishes to rate, or not rate. This does make it harder for OP.

    Please refrain from posting horses in a bid to obtain comments to use against OP. It does take time to rate horses and OP really does not have time for such. PLEASE POST IN GOOD FAITH.

    OP realizes it is very easy for posters to mob against a newbie. OP would appreciate if posters refrain from this type of action and personal comments. OP has been recommended to this forum and told it contains educated people who may be further interested in the OP's thoughts.

    Posters understand that conformation can be a subjective and sometimes controversial subject, and opinions will vary, and should not take any comments to heart.

    Thread may end at any time (Only meaning no more comments from the OP) and posters understand their horse may or may not be rated.

    Near perfect side on conformation photos required or your horse may be missed. Images from a lengthened distance and from the horses elbow height are best for reducing distortion.

    OP may or may not have qualifications, professional experience and/or otherwise. Therefore whether it is found OP does or does not have such, as no claims have been made this will not be considered as deceptive by the OP either way. OP trusts that this disclosure will be accepted in good faith. Posters should not draw assumptions on why this is this case, or about OP's background.

    As standard text book conformation theory is theory, the OP believes it is open to being challenged, and that this aids the learning process for all.

    Note all before posting:

    -Comments based on images so should be used as a guide only
    -If your sensitive about comments relating to your horse kindly refrain from posting
    -Breeding, mentality, training, upbringing and many other factors all play a part in a horse's realized ability, therefore conformation should strictly be used as a guide to a horses potential only
    -Conformation is never definitive
    -What a horse does will generally say more about a horse than its conformation

    Posters list not expecting any comments on their horse, and that if their horse does receive comments in return that this should be considered as a bonus.

    IMPORTANT: Don't read thread if your prone to getting knotted knickers.

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    Please state your qualifications to assess racehorse and/or TB conformation.

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    Nov. 15, 2006
    Lexington, Kentucky


    Sorry, that whole post made me laugh.
    We're spending our money on horses and bourbon. The rest we're just wasting.

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    Baltimore, MD


    We already played this game on the breeding forum. Guess she is taking her show on the road.

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    Mar. 12, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by LaurieB View Post
    Please state your qualifications to assess racehorse and/or TB conformation.
    Really. Whole post is laughable. She needs to go rate ponies.

    Ive got an old gelding out in the back I should go take a picture of. Club foot, back in the knee, sickle hocked, ewe necked. SW of over $300,000. Would be good for a laugh to hear her "rating".

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    Jan. 24, 2000
    Bolton Valley, Vermont USA

    Default Assault Triple Crown winner

    Assault was known as the 'Club-Footed Comet' for his major conformation fault, yet he galloped to triumph in the Triple Crown. There is no way to measure heart.

    I was always taught, handsome is as handsome does....


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