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    Default Another Group of War Horses That Served and Died

    The horses at Custer's last stand are buried at this site.
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    Sitting Bull got away and most of his horses did also. 250 of them were bought by the Marquis de Mores and he bred them to his own horses and when the Marquis and his wife Medora left the USA and returned to France he left the horses on what is now Theodore Roosevelt National Park and they roamed free for over 100 years. The only known remaining horses from these are preserved through the Nokota Horse Conservancy because the park removed and bred out the original type horse.

    The park still claims that they have Nokota horses because they are now the Honorary State Equine of North Dakota but the facts are that because they removed all of the purebred original horses now called Nokota they only have part breds. The NHC is the registry for this breed and they use the historic z4 brand. No one else is allowed to use that brand and call their horse a Nokota unless they are registered through the NHC. These are the last of the known Northern Plains horses that descended from the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The NHC web site has more information about them. There are about a thousand in total of both types, the Traditional Native American type and the Ranch type. About 200-250 of the Traditional are left and 700-800 of the Ranch type are left. Currently the NHC is short of funds which isn't promising for their future survival. There are small pockets of preservation breeders who produce a few horses every year but the bulk of the horses are bred in ND.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Matson View Post
    The horses at Custer's last stand are buried at this site.

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