If only horses could talk. Maverick is a bay, 20yr old OTTB. Used as a jumper and shown in lower level eventing. A few years ago he had a mystery injury in the field when I was on vacation. Came in from the field one morning showing neurological signs and very limited range of motion through his neck. After doing everything besides a cat-scan and/or MRI there was no definitive diagnosis. Maverick still has limited movement of his head and neck but is otherwise happy and healthy. He does get down to graze sometimes but it takes a bit of an effort. (He stretches and stands like a giraffe.) I keep him in overnight with a extra large hay net but he is out with a mixed herd of about 20 trail horses. Mav is super laid back and is one of the only horses ive ever met that love to be scratched and petted. Hes a big dog in horse clothing. Mav gets along with both geldings and mares; he currently out with a mixed herd of 20 trail horses. Hes calm and sweet and would be a perfect, calming companion to any horse. Stands to be groomed, clipped, loved on, and for the farrier. He does fine barefoot and is not shod. Mav trailers well and is a consistent self loader. I currently have another horse and im having trouble paying for board on two horses. He is currently used as the demo horse for girl scout lectures and young riders learn to groom on. Please email or message with any questions. Thank you!