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    Default Solar fence charger

    I bought a Gallagher solar fence charger last December so its still quite new

    Ive noticed the little green light isnt "blipping" anymore and the horses have no problem leaning against the wire, so I turned it off, dumped a whole bunch of water around the ground (we are on sand loam and it has been quite dry) turned it back on again and it did blip for a few minutes then stopped once again

    Ive dumped bucket fulls of water around the ground over the last few days and it will blip again for a few minutes, but it also has a really irregular "blip" pattern - like

    Blip ... blip blip blip ... blip blip ... blip ... blip ... blip blip blip blip ... etc

    and then after a few minutes of this it conks out once again

    Is it cooked or do I simply need more water around the ground to make it work properly? And of course the damned horse know EXACTLY when its safe to lean and chew on the fences once again ...

    Thanks for any/all suggestions!

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    Sounds more like a weak battery. Is the charger located where the solar panel can get several hours of direct sunlight?

    If not, you could try disconnecting it and placing it where the Sun could shine on the panel all day, then put it back in service and see what happens. At 42 degrees North, you're not at a high enough latitude for location to be a problem.
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