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    Apr. 3, 2002
    SW MI

    Default FTGH Athletic, Sound 11 YO Arab Mare, SW MI

    Located in SW Michigan (Caledonia).

    Major life changes has left me boarding instead of keeping horses at home, and I had already had to find good homes for my ex-husbands 2 geldings. For the last year I have struggled to keep both my mares but have realized that I have to get down to one, so I am looking for a good home for a sound, sweet, athletic Arab mare. This is a wonderful horse with one quirk…a big spook…and in order to find her the best match, I have decided to offer her free to a good home rather than try and sell her.

    Rina (registered name Marina Rae) is an 11 YO bright bay Arab mare. She is a successful endurance horse (she's done LDs, 50's as well as a handful of competitive trail rides) and during the course of her time with me has always cross trained with dressage.

    Sweet disposition, excellent ground manners (respectful and willing), loads and trailers well. Great with other horses, can be turned out with either mares or geldings, low man on the totem pole but not stupid about it and will stay out of the way of dominant horses. She is an excellent camper at endurance rides, eats and drinks well (even on trail), is quiet in camp, great at the vet checks, good around other horses, etc. The same horse alone or in company. BIG trot, can be doing rides at a much stronger pace than I have done with her. Goes through water, over bridges, jumps small logs all without drama. She can get a little strong during early season conditioning rides and competitions, but she is always ratable and this improves over the season.

    Her only issue is her spooking. Primarily, her spooks are pretty typical - spooking at turkeys flying up out of the brush, at that big rock that MIGHT be a bear, etc., and are generally mild and easy to ride out (and these typical spooks improve with consistent work). However, she also has an explosive spook in her that is unpredictable and does not seem to be related to a spooky object or noise, and that I simply can't ride out. I have never gotten seriously hurt, and this horse has gone out of her way to NOT step on me when I've literally fallen right underneath her. She also doesn't hightail it out of dodge when I come off, but once she settles down she stands where she is and waits for me to retrieve her and remount (and stands quietly while I adjust any tack and mount up). She does not have a mean bone in her body (and, in fact, has at times prevented me from coming off by scooting right back underneath me), but coming off a horse in any scenario can be dangerous, and it is more dangerous out on the trail with all kinds of logs and trees and rocks to land on, so I want to offer this horse with full disclosure about the possibility of this big spook. We have had her looked at by several different vets to try and determine if their was a physical reason for these spooks, but could not come up with anything conclusive, although we did treat her for a few things just to test a couple theories (ulcers being one of those things, back injections another). No change. We have also tried different tack, as well as a number of different training methodologies.

    She is on pasture board (24x7 turnout), and gets no grain. 1/2 pound ration balancer, good quality grass hay, and pasture in appropriate season. Diet is likely not an issue. We tried several different magnesium supplements with no noticeable effect.

    I do think when it comes to the spooking I am not helping the situation. Both the mare and I are naturally tense and tightly wound (friends have referred to ME as spooky well before this mare came into my life!) and I'm sure we feed off each other. Additionally, on the trail her natural, most comfortable pace is a little quick for me (it doesn't scare me at all, but I like to actually chat with friends and see the scenery!) and I suspect she feels a bit confined/restricted and would probably be more relaxed with a rider who wanted to move out at a higher gear.

    I have struggled with this issue for six years of owning this horse, and yet I like her so much I still wouldn't part with her if financial reasons didn't require it. Nothing would make me happier than seeing her find a rider who really clicked with her and for the pair of them to have many happy years together doing whatever they enjoy, be it more endurance riding or something else. She's only been lightly campaigned in endurance due to my restricted schedule and is a strong enough horse to do multi-days or 100 mile rides if that is what you are interested in. I haven't pursued much else with her but she certainly may have talent for other things as well.

    I am hoping to get conformation shots and some videos over the course of the next week and will add links to those in this original message. For anyone interested, feel free to send me a PM. I will be completely honest and provide you with as much information as possible, and will offer a trial period (we can work out the exact details of that) to ensure a good match. Additionally, I will require a site visit (if possible based on logistics) and vet references. After an appropriate trial period has successfully passed, I will transfer ownership.

    (Just an FYI, my other mare is 19 YO and has been with me for 11 years, and while not as athletic nor with as many useful years left in her, I feel I owe it to her to give her a forever home. Choosing between these two mares was very difficult but in end I feel I'm doing the right thing by both of them.)

    Here are some Peter Demott photos from a 2010 ride I did with her (I didn't do any rides in 2011 due to getting divorced - that was a fun summer).

    As mentioned above, I will add some conformation shots and under saddle videos as I get them taken over the next week. She is boarded at a barn with a lot of acreage for hacking and a big indoor arena so can be easily tried out.

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    She is gorgeous. Might be helpful to include bloodline info. I am sorry for your situation...been there ...done that

    You are a caring owner to be so thorough in explaning the big spook.

    Horses do pick up on the energy of the rider. A friend had a horse who jigged until he was 20 when she finally relaxed.

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    Apr. 3, 2002
    SW MI


    Thanks for the suggestion. Here is a link to a scan of her pedigree:

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