Have you considered riding in a classic-format Three Day Event in the next couple of years? While the long format is no longer an Olympic competition, it has made it's way to the Training level and now even the Novice level.

Why does the 3-Day continue to attract competitors? Perhaps the challenge of developing a conditioning program, or the comradery of a competition that takes place over a number of days, or maybe because steeplechase is a blast!

Any way you look at it, the 3-Day competition is a different animal than a Horse Trial. CDCTA is offering a clinic to help riders learn what's involved in preparing for, and competing in this Event. If you already have a specific competition on your schedule, or you're just curious and want to have some fun while learning, join us at Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center in Remington, VA on May 20 for a clinic that combines riding (galloping technique, pace work and steeplechase jumping), lecture, and hands-on practice (jogging your horse at the Formal Inspection and what happens in the 10 min. Vet Box). You must have completed at least one USEA recognized Horse Trial at the Novice level or above.

Our clinician Mimi Combs has an impressive resume. An A-Level US Pony Clubber, she was First Alternate for the US Team at the '96 Olympic Games.With competitive experience at all levels, she has coached many riders over the years. CDCTA recruited Mimi because she has first hand experience coaching at the relatively new Training level 3-Day. She is excited to work with riders who want to try this new challenge.

The cost of the clinic, including lunch, will be $150 for CDCTA members and $175 for non-members. Audit fee is $35 which covers the entire day (including lunch) with hands on involvement wherever possible and the lecture. Go to www.cdcta.com to download a sign-up form. Call or email Nancy Covert with any questions, 540-832-2714 or blakelyfarm@gmail.com.