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    Aug. 26, 2009

    Default Lever Nosebands

    I'd like to ask for opinions from those of you that have used lever nosebands. I've only seen them from afar but the new Bit of Britain catalog arrived and they have pictures of both the original and adjustable noseband. So....

    1. Do they really work on horses that lock their jaws and pull?

    2. How exactly do they work?

    3. Do you prefer the orginal or the adjustable? My horse isn't oversized/draft but he does have a wider jaw and many FS nosebands don't fit well.


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    Jan. 25, 2012
    Ann Arbor, MI


    I got one and tried it on my mare that opens her mouth and puts her tongue over the bit. She is also very resistant to any bit because of harsh training in the past. She likes this noseband better than a flash or crank and is way less resistant in it and I don't have to make it real tight. Two of my friends have used it for their horses that just seem resistant to the bit or cross their jaw and pull and really liked it.

    Mine is the original and is on the largest holes to fit my wider jaw mare.

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    May. 22, 2002
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    I used one and liked it better than a flash or figure 8. I didn't like the adjustable, used the non-adjustable. Mine would open his mouth and pull. the basically keep the horse from crossing his jaw or opening his mouth.

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    Aug. 11, 2000

    Thumbs up ouch! A learning curve, lessreally Is more!

    I've never used the lever, hated the look/ sound of it;

    It really does take two to pull; When I quit pulling and started riding with my body and most of all my BRAIN; my "pulling horse" stopped pulling;

    I never told Wofford that, he had been right; , though , I'm sure he figured it out!; then, the reins became" too loose "and I heard "It's difficult to push forward into loose reins" in between I had a horse who, went beautifully on loose reins; found her own distance "rode herself" to the fence; always in balance
    After that wonderful experience; I rode a horse just the opposite, short back , long legged and built downhill though "beautiful She became my last eventer/ dressage horse so, I'm afraid I found that the less "stuff [I put on my horses' heads, the easier they became to ride
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    Oct. 29, 2000


    I have a horse who does not like any noseband which buckles at the back of his jaw, even if it is not tight.

    The Kineton noseband is da BOMB! for him.

    I like it because it is self executing; it tightens over the nose only when you pull on the reins. If the horse stops pulling, then the noseband stops pressing on his nose.

    My horse now goes x/c in a Waterford snaffle and the Kineton noseband, and is a real gentleman.
    I used to be addicted to the Hokey Pokey but then I turned myself around.

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    Dec. 26, 2008
    Indianapolis, Indiana


    I used a lever on one off my horses with a mullen mouth snaffle. He would shove his head down over the fence and yank the reins out of my hands.

    He was a super sensitive dude and for some reason really liked the stability that noseband provided. He went really well in it and was a very happy XC machine.

    However, it is NOT for every horse... I put it on my current dude and he HATED it. lol Never put it on again.
    Yes, I ride a pony. No, he would not be ideal for your child. No, he is not a re-sale project...

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    May. 24, 2005
    Winter Park, Florida


    My daughter used one on her mare (now retired). My daughter is about 95 pounds soaking wet..she was 13 when she got Imp. We found it was the best way to give her some control while galloping at the training and later, schooling prelim and intermediate. Imp went very well in it, we had to play around a bit to find something that worked well for the 2 of them, that didn't require double reins. As others have mentioned, it is pretty much self correcting.

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