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    Default Softening tall boots?

    I bought a gorgeous pair of brown Vogel field boots off eBay, but they are ungodly stiff and dry what should I use to soften the leather so that they're bearable to wear?


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    Apr. 13, 2012


    oil might darken them so test it first but a good oiling (or a couple of good oilings) usually does the trick...or good ol "Blackrock"
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    No!!! Don't oil boots... it makes them impossible to shine. If you must oil for some reason, oil from the inside. Otherwise clean them with glyerine, polish them and ride in them.

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    Lexol conditioner, Leather CPR or Leather Therapy conditioner are SAFE to use on tall boot leather to soften/condition them without compromising the integrity of the delicate boot leather. NO oil, NO glycerine soap.

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    You could always try the old bathtub/soak and ride trick (fill them with water in the tub while on, and flex/lunge/all sorts of moving to soften them up, or fill with water and take a ride in them to break them in) to get them softer, then oil them afterwards. (GASP---did I actually suggest that???) While I've heard it works wonders, you would most likely have to oil them afterwards to make sure it didn't dry them out further. Oil does make it harder to polish boots, but I've had other crusty tack that i've soaked a few minutes in water to "open up" the pores of the leather so it would accept the oil better. Hopefully I dont get slammed too hard for this idea......I only use it for the exceptionally difficult to soften tack! Blackrock is a great conditioner made especially for boots.
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