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    Default Rhino Shelter or Shelter Logic type run in sheds

    Does anybody use these types of fabric style run in sheds? I believe tractor supply sells the shelter logic brand? Just wondering how sturdy they are and if it's really windy would they blow away says they are easy to assemble/install and are around $560 compared to several thousand plus installation for the traditional steel or wooden??

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    I've used these:

    This has much beefier poles than the one you linked to.

    I have one currently as a hay/feed shed, and I've used them before as horse shelter. I even made 2 'stalls' by buying an extra end wall and hanging it down the middle, it kept the dominant beast from hogging the whole thing.

    I try and put it somewhere that's got a bit of a natural windbreak anyway if I can, but to ensure that it stays put I pound in T-posts at the corners and wire the legs to them. I also duct tape the joints of the poles (this also makes it MUCH easier to put up!) They hold up very well, usually the roof deteriorates in a few years from UV exposure, but you can buy each piece separately so replacing it isn't too big a deal.

    One caveat, I don't know where you are but if you get lots of snow you may have to retrofit the roof a bit.

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