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    Default How to Find Out the Reason for a USEF Suspension

    There has been a "trainer" advertising on our local craigslist as of late. Younger woman, I believe in the 22-23 year old range. She has done a lot of horse dealing and has been building a less than stellar reputation. My barn owner had a bad run with her when they took a horse on trial for their daughter and it was found in the PPE that the horse had been drugged and subsequent research brought up that the horse had seriously injured another rider. They were clear with the girl that this horse was being looked at for a then 11 year old. My BOs husband nearly killed this woman. He couldn't believe that she would knowingly put his kid in harms way.

    She has now partnered with a barn owner here (which the barn owner is a really nice lady but not super active in the horse world AFAIK so I'm sure doesn't have a clue about her partner's budding reputation) and has been advertising lessons, training and boarding. It was just for $h!t$ and giggles I was perusing the USEF suspension list and lo and behold - shady girl's name pops up. And it's a recent suspension - like 2 weeks ago. Any way to find out why?
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    She owes them money:

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    Bounced checks at shows are the most common reason for suspensions.
    "failure to settle indebtedness".

    It only goes as far as the suspension if repeated efforts by the show or shows failed and a "pay up or else" demand is made by USEF.

    That barn owner is in for a surprise, all this deadbeat has to do is make good on the bad checks and she's off that list. But she is not going to do that or she would have already. Stuff is usually at least 6 months old to get that far, many are nearer a year from occurance to penalty.

    Betting she is planning on evading recognition by operating under that barn name like may of the rest of them do. Enter under that name, name another rider and sub herself at the last minute-nobody usually checks that. Certainly not at the in gate. But she gets caught, barn owner is going down with her.
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