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    Feb. 14, 2012
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    Default Potty Business....

    My husband and I adopted a Jack x Corgi a little while ago, and she's the SWEETEST little thing ever. She's extremly well mannered, smart, and wonderful with our newborn daughter. She's even good with our cats, who would be happy to chase her all day. I haven't brought her to the barn yet, as we don't trust her off leash, but I'm sure she'll be fine.

    The problem is that she won't go potty outside. My husband caught her this morning mid-poop, and immediatly took her out before she could finish. He walked her around for almost 2 hours, and she wouldn't finish. He brought her back inside and within 5 minutes she'd done her business on the rug. We immediatly spun her around and put her back outside.

    We love her to death, but my husband is worried that she's going to mess in the house forever. I've had dogs all my life, and have house broken my fair share. My last dog was a Jack cross and potty trained within a couple days.

    We've been choosing to ignore the bad behavior and make it REALLY fun (with cookies) when she does any business outside. I'm at a loss.

    Any advice?

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    You did not state how old the dog is but it really does not matter too much, more of just my curiosity.

    She needs to be crate trained, supervised water intake, and walked directly after eating and drinking to go potty.

    Walking and being outside for 2 hours are two different things. She needs a word association with going to the bathroom outside. I have trained my now 2 yr old dog to pee pee on command. He could have just went, and I will ask and he will dribble a bit more to please me. ( I dont make a habit of this, but I will ask before a car ride or something along those lines)

    Just being outside there are things to sniff and look at, and get distracted by. She needs to WALK no stopping and her command word needs to be used.

    My Riley can get distracted for his evening poo walk. I have a poo poo song I sing and he goes. Works like a charm.

    But it sounds like this dog needs to go back to square one with housetraining. If she is as smart as you say, she will pick it up quickly.

    Good Luck!

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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY


    Thank you so much!

    She's 9 months old, or at least that's what they told us at the shelter.

    I started following your adivce right away yesterday, and we haven't had an accident in the house since. She even went for my husband on command this morning on their run!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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    It takes time and SO much patience. This is frustrating, I went through it last summer when we adopted a 2 y.o English Bull Terrier (a very stubborn breed) who was not potty trained. Consistancy is key and you absolutely CANNOT leave them unattended when they're in the potty training process. Missing an accident happen is like taking a step backwards. Crate training is a very useful tool, as (most) dogs will not go potty in their "den". You can leave them in there when you're in a position that you can't watch them like a hawk. The key is to make it easy for them, and offer frequent potty trips. If she doesn't go after standing outside for lets say....10 mins, take her back inside and into the crate she goes for about 5 mins and then immediately back outside to try again. Make it easier for her to figure out by only allowing her to potty in ONE place in the yard. Keep on doing this yard/crate pattern until she goes potty outside. Dogs RARELY fully empty their bladder, so its highly unlikely she just doesn't have to go. They get so distracted so easily and that's usually what happens and why they didn't potty.

    When they give signs of having to go (sniffing, panting & pacing) take them immediately outside and praise them like hell when they go in the right place. Like I mentioned earlier, some people will recommend designating a specific potty spot, and not to proceed on your walk until they relieve themselves. "Sorry Fido, no walkies until you go potty." The walk in this case is the reward (along with praise). It really helps to assign a word to the action. I use "go potty" or "potty" when they're going, and consistantly. Ever see a racehorse pee when the groom whistles? Its called classical conditioning.

    I've heard some people say NOT to give treats as a reward in this case, just verbal and physical praise. Think about it, do you want her to always expect a treat for peeing/pooping? Probably not, and when the day comes she's reliably trained and the treats go away, she might think "What didn't I do right? Why didn't I get a treat this time??"

    Make sure she's on a feeding schedule at consistant times everyday (2x day is what I do). Free feeding (food avail all day) really makes the process difficult to manage since they have to go at random times. I take mine out about 20 mins after eating and 99% of the time he poops (morning and night).

    It took my stubborn, adult dog 2 months to fully get it. Hang in there, and make sure you and the husband are on the same page. Good luck!!
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    Also in my case, I found that ignoring the bad behavior was not as effective as verbally reprimanding it. When I'd catch him in the act, I say "HEY!!!" in loud voice and clap my hands to startle him. The first time we startled him with noise, he quit peeing mid-stream, and was immediately taken outside to finish. He did finish outside and we praised like he just won us the lottery, haha!! That was the turning point in his training and I swear I saw a lightbulb blink above his head! LOL

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