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    Nov. 27, 2006

    Default **Kara has been placed** Arabian Mare FTGH - Tampa Bay, FL

    Kara is a fleabitten grey, 13 year old, 14.2 endurance bred Arabian mare.

    Kara is schooled in low level Dressage, and has shown Intro and Training level with great results (scores 60-71) in local circuits. Kara also loves to hit the trails, and will head out alone or in a group.

    Kara has tons of personality. Level headed, not spooky. Registered with the AHA. Barefoot. Clips, ties, stands for vet/farrier and is easy to trailer. No known health issues. Quiet enough for an advanced beginner, but is enough horse for a more advanced rider.

    I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I can not keep up with her training or the attention that she deserves. I have attempted to sell her the old fashioned way, but the market being the way that it is...need I say more. At this point I am truly more focused on finding her the right home where she can have her own person and get all the love and attention she deserves.
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    Oct. 20, 2006


    She sounds like a remarkable mare.

    Best of luck placing her!

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    Dec. 8, 2006


    I suggest posting a photo or photo link. I can't believe no one is interested in what sounds like a great horse!!

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    Nov. 27, 2006


    Thanks starrunner and anuphillbattle!

    She is a very sweet girl, but between work and other responsibilities I really can only devote proper time to one horse.

    I have added a link to a picture in photobucket in the OP. I am a bit tech-challenged, so hopefully it works!

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    Ocala, FL


    I think I may have two folks who would love her. One, my neighbors, are looking for an AQHA, but she fits their needs so perfectly (they are an older couple who really just want something sweet and quiet that they can groom and ride ever now and then -- they just finished fencing a pasture). The other is actually adjacent to them. They adopted an AQHA who suits Mom and Dad, but not 9-year-old daughter, so they are looking for a 2nd horse. The rider I used to back my babies this year has been working their AQHA, but has come to the conclusion that they really need a more trustworthy mount for the daughter, who is very game, but also (IMO) way, way too small to be riding a 16-hander anyway.

    I don't know how the older couple would care for the horse, but they've been great neighbors and are meticulous with their property. The family with the daughter have proven solidly that they are wonderful with adoptions. They've done everything right with the gelding, who they got through a farrier -- I transported him. I used to use their pasture myself before they got their own beastie, so I know them pretty well and would stand behind them 100% in terms of being responsible people.

    If you think either of those circumstances would suit, please PM me. I'm in Ocala, BTW.
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