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    I'm afraid because one of our moderators, Lily who checks the Event forum, has not checked in yet. I know she works in the financial district, but not where. I also know that she has not been around the forum much lately, and am really hoping that all that is going on is that she has not though about checking in here.

    Please say a prayer for her.
    Originally Posted by Alagirl
    We just love to shame poor people...when in reality, we are all just peasants.

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    Where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket?


    Beezer, Heidi and everyone is correct. More than anything, I think a lot of these families need to let us (and themselves) know that their loved ones did not die in vain. That they will be remembered.

    I cannot honestly remember any other airplane disaster where family members wanted to talk about their last conversations with their loved ones in such an open manner. It has amazed me how composed the vicitm's families are. I think this is because they know that every little shred of conversation could be evidence that helps bring the perpetrators to justice. That must be the greatest comfort that they can imagine.
    I'm sorry... Did I just roll my eyes out loud?

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