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    hushpuppy Guest


    I just have to post.....Some of you may remember that I asked about demographics among the dressage community and someone cut and pasted it here. It created a bit of a stir and I had to come by and explain myself. Since that day, I've visited here on occasion and have found myself to be fascinated by the incredible flaunting of wealth by some on this board. I've come to the conclusion that some dressage riders are intellectual snobs whereas some hunter riders are snobs of a different sort.

    I don't believe we should blame Kelsey or Sandstone or any other child that has been raised in the lap of luxury for her faux pas. These kids will never know life as a working class citizen. I would, however, love to have their parents, particularly their mothers, read this entire thread, among others. I would hope that Kelsey and Sandstone's parents would realize that their kids are lacking experiences in life that could make them more caring and sympathetic people. It's doubtful that children like Kelsey will ever experience what the rest of us call life. They certainly will never rub elbows with middle class America in an intimate fashion. They will never know what it's like to pay the bills and realize there's just enough left over for groceries and the farrier bill.

    Being raised outside of mainstream America, meaning middle-class America, children of the very wealthy may never learn to respect those with less. Those people who are so unfortunate as to be of the middle- or working-class will never be seen by the very rich as their equals.

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    hushpuppy, life is long with many twists and turns. I think it's crazy to think that once rich always rich or that they live in a little insulated world with no knowledge of how the other half lives. I certainly would never think that they don't see others as equal!

    When these kids get older and have to find a job, etc, they will start to appreciate all the things they took for granted. Or when they go to school and make friends from less wealthy backgrounds. Most likely they already have friends that are from normal tax brackets. Community service is also an eye opener.

    When I was in high school (I think it's the same one Kelsey is in actually) two of my best friends were expelled and had to finish the year at the neighboring public school. I met a ton of new friends this way and it helped to break down the barriers between private and public school circles. Mainly, it showed the public school kids that we were normal, and had problems too. By far they had been the instigators of unpleasant situations because they had assumed we were all little snots and they loved taking out their resentments on us.

    Just my two cents

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    To be fair Kelsy was far from the only one to offend on the first page of this string, and so far I believe she is the only one to apologize. Short of forcing everyone who has posted on this string to actually work as a groom for one month I think the point has been made as forcefully as possible in this venue that any person who works for a living is entitled to a respectful attitude however little they earn or however much you earn or are worth. If they didn't need the money they wouldn't bother work. Forget that and evantually life will find a way to explain it to you again. Look at all those celeb exposes! "Horse trainer writes Tell-All" =)

    [This message has been edited by letsgo (edited 10-17-2000).]

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    Boy, go away for a weekend and look what happens on my favorite BB!

    Regardless of how it was originally meant, by now Kelsy has really had it handed to her, so I vote for moving on. Also, Kelsy, I agree, you don't have to apologize anymore for being young and not saying things in a PC manner. I'm sure after this, you'll be much more PC (at least here [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img])

    Ironically, tonight I was at a gas station/mini mart chain when the cashier, a young man about 16, responding to something happening at another register said loudly, "That's just like a MORMAN, always trying to rip you off!" I looked over and two Morman missionaries were leaving. I was HOT HOT HOT! You should know I am not a Morman; Christian only by upbringing, not practice, but I despise discrimination and the SHEER IGNORANCE that allows it to continue. As I stepped to the register, before I paid him I looked him right in the eye and in a voice my students would have begun melting into the ground upon hearing, told him that I was VERY offended at his remarks. That they smacked of racism, ignorance and intolerance and had NO BUSINESS being voiced in a public place. He tried to explain that he was just kidding, and even said he was a Morman, and I told him that didn't change things, one: because no one could tell he was kidding and two: since Mormans look just like the rest of the WASP population how were the customers to know what his personal faith was? I hope he got the point.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ErinB:
    if you leave this board, try BigEQ, or perhaps you'd prefer Towerheads? That is definately THE place to go if you are offended by asking how many grooms one has.

    Erin - I would hardly be offended by someone asking how many GROOMS one has... the question was how many MEXICANS one has.

    I was horrified when I first read the thread and should have just packed it in at that time instead of saying anything at all. I bothers me to no end to think that I chose to keep company with people who justify this thinking by sitting in their second homes in Mexico looking down on the locals thinking "gee, those Mexicans aren't so bad". I highly doubt the Mexicans are looking at them thinking the same thing. I realize that Kelsy is just 16 - that's not the point. The point is that when Kelsy is 30, she will still be the same because her parents brought her up to be this way. Not the kind of folks I wish to associate with.

    Obviously I'm out of my league on this board...I'd much rather be in a place where people are equal and treated as such regardless of race and social status.

    SO LONG!

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    Feb. 24, 1999


    You all are really disappointing me lately... apparently I'm overestimating your ability to have discussion without name-calling.

    And for God's sake, why can't you people just DROP something once the point has been made??! Is it honestly necessary to bash home the same ideas over and over again? Get over yourselves.

    Thread closed. I'm sick of this... time to bring in babysitters, I guess...

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    Wow. I'm new to the board, and I am. . .
    Wow. . . .
    That's all.

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