Fitness threads are always popular on OT days, so I thought I'd start one where we can store all our favorite apps, blogs, magazines, etc for fitness and weight loss.

I'll kick off with a few things that have been helping me:

RunKeeper - I use this to log all my cardio. It has a GPS tracker and audio prompts for outdoors, or you can log manually after gym sessions. It all uploads to their website, where you can review stats and share with friends.

Muscle and Fitness Hers - My favorite magazine, though it only comes out every two months.

Oxygen Women's Fitness - Another magazine I subscribe to, which has plenty of workout ideas and recipes to keep my brain engaged on what I'm doing.

The calorie counting app that I use is FatSecret, but I know there are dozens out there. I find this one to be really user-friendly.

And it's not fitness-related, but I can't run outside without Pandora! I have a tiny iPod that I use at the gym, but when I'm on the road and using my RunKeeper anyway, I fire up Pandora for a new mix of music. I. Love. This. App.

Anyone else have resources that inspire them or provide invaluable information?