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    Default Geldings Who Think They Aren't

    New problem for me. I'm basically a mare person, and the rare couple of boys I've had over the years didn't do this. I'd far rather have mares and have tended to mares. But my gray gelding, only foal of my heart mare, was designated a keeper from day one, in spite of his external plumbing. I had given the mare the order for a filly; she just lost it somewhere.

    Anyway, gray boy was gelded at an appropriate early age before he got ideas so that he could live in peace with my herd of otherwise mares. I watched him gelded myself. There were definitely two unneeded appendages removed.

    He has lived in peace with mares to this point, in fact has been hilarious because he is so happy-go-lucky, who cares about status. They will be having "boss mare" discussions now and then, and Toccata will be out frisking saying, "What on earth difference does it make who is boss mare? Let's PLAY!"

    In the last two weeks, he has suddenly decided that he isn't a gelding. No different to handle for me other than one early day when he tried something and I growled at him sharply, which adjusted him back down immediately. But he is teasing all of the mares mercilessly after one of said mares came into heat. Squeals echo over the farm. Fortunately, the mares don't think he is nearly as hot stuff as he does, and he has encountered their heels a few times. They have deliberately missed often, too, just trying to warn him. If mares can roll their eyes, they are.

    I swear, he really did look to my uneducated eye like he was gelded correctly. Two parts removed. Vet made no comments about a difficult case or such. So why on earth does he suddenly, with his same lifelong herd, think he is a MAN?

    Are there geldings who simply don't get the memo and have delusions of adequacy at times? Is this a normal variant?

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    i would say normal. how old is he? if he is young, it will hopefully decrease as he ages.

    this is why in general, mare and geldings don't live together

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    This is the exact reason that I do not believe in mixed herds/turnout situations.

    We keep all mares and geldings separate from one another, and it is much more peaceful.
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