There are soooo many joint supplements out there....but, lately I keep hearing about this particular one.
Equinyl-combo. Ive heard a couple people say they swear by it and that they started to see results in about a week of using it.
Was just curious if anyone on here uses it.
Ive tried others....some cheap, some expensive....and results were just kinda..."eh", I maybe, kinda sorta saw a little improvement and then would get told, "Oh, you need to have the horse on that for at least 4-6 months before you see any change!" well, when something is really expensive, I dont want to keep paying a fortune and 6 months later find out that it doesnt work. Not that Im expecting a miracle in a day.....but, I'd like to see "something" to give me a reason to keep using it.

Kinda like a diet.....If I dont see SOMETHING, its hard to stay motivated to keep doing it.