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    Default Waterproofing Blankets...

    Yeah, I know, it has been covered ad nauseum... but not MY question

    I did a search and read all the threads. Some people recommend products that say they are water resistant and some recommend products that say waterproof.

    New people bought our local blanket wash and repair business. She had asked me to keep an eye on my blankets because she switched products for "waterproofing".

    I noticed that one horse in a blanket that she had recently done was damp after a day of rain. The blanket felt clammy inside. When I told her about it we had a discussion about the new product she is using. She said it makes them water resistant. She said the old product she used was silicone based and was told it would eat the blankets after a while.

    Before I get my knickers in a twist I thought I should check with the all knowing members of COTH to get some input.

    As an aside a couple of my old Rambo blankets have completely lost their waterproofness . Upon examination I see that the coating inside has pretty much disintegrated. These blankets are 10-15 years old, so that may be it. Or could it have to do with being re-waterproofed annually with a silicone based product?

    Another bit of info is that when I used to get my blankets back there was a pretty strong odor from what I assumed what the waterproofing product used. Shortly after taking them out of the bags the smell dissipated.

    I guess my question is, for a commercial blanket operation, what should be used to waterproof blankets? Water resistant isn't good enough.

    Kanoe Godby
    See, I was raised by wolves and am really behind the 8-ball on diplomatic issue resolution.

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    [QUOTE=CDE Driver;6236901], what should be used to waterproof blankets?

    In Oregon? Why a Rambo over the blanket, of course!

    That website you referred me to for waterproof fabrics has some options, and the first one mentions horse blankets:

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