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    Default Adventures of Invisicat!

    So my mom decided to get a "friend" for her cat, Cosmo, as he is a rambunctious little devil who obviously needed a play buddy during the day. Cosmo is the craziest cat I've seen, beautiful flame point ragdoll rescue, but pretty much nuts.

    Mom peruses PetFinder and local shelter sites and finds a little black kitten and a 2y/o orange long hair that she really likes. DH and I say "Kitten!" Mom really wanted the orange guy, even though he's described as a really shy guy, but is OK with his "people." Mom has a Charlie Brown moment "I think he needs me!" with Orange (aka "Drake") and after a fairly successful meet and greet with Cosmo, has a new cat...except now to the layman Cosmo eats and poops 2x as much now and has random fits of wildness during the night hours.

    Adventure #1: Finding Hidey Holes

    In his first week, Drake was holed up in my bro's old room under the bed. Confirmed by keeping food and litter up there and the door shut, ergo Cosmo was not in there. Daily flashlight checks under the bed showed 2 healthy glowing orange eyes glaring back. Then, the eyes didn't show one day...
    Parents have been redoing the kids' rooms since we're all adults and moved out, so mine was in the process when Drake was brought in. The first weekend Drake was home, was painting weekend. My father being the perfectionist engineer, removed all the heat vents in the room to have nice clean lines and minimal taping. Drake, aka Invisicat, goes MIA the next morning... Can't find him anywhere. Mom suggests he went down the cold air return. Dad vehemently denies this possibility as it's a straight drop to the furnace with galvanized aluminum vents. Dad puts cover back on over cold air return, since cat canNOT be down there.
    2 days go by, no evidence of Invisicat. No food eaten, no piles in litter box. Meanwhile, the carpeting has been installed in my old room (read: lots of loud, repetitive banging). Mom pleads with Dad, "let's just take a look in the vent." They gather a flashlight, mirror and screwdriver, remove vent cover and discover there's a nice little cat size crawl space between the studs under the floor with two giant glowing orbs at the back. Leave vent open, next morning clumps of orange fur seen at entry point and food disappears.
    Since they can't leave the vent open and encourage this new awesome hiding spot, even though it probably sounded like the world ending with the carpet installers, Mom decided to "smoke out the cat." This involves Lysol spray, leaving the door open and blocking the other rooms shut, which for some reason includes propping one door over the entryway of the room next to where Invisicat has been holed up. Mom fumigates the poor creature with the Lysol and heads downstairs to take care of something. She hears a loud BANG and then "scritcha, scritcha, scritcha!" from upstairs. Goes to investigate. Invisicat has knocked over the propped up door and is now in another bedroom...
    Couple days go by, no visuals of Invisicat, but food and litter are evident that 2 cats are present in the house or Cosmo is going through some serious binging cycles. Finally, Dad locates Invisicat tucked up in the box spring of one of the spare beds. Mom starts doing daily touch tests to keep tract of his movements, which basically in just her putting her hand under the mattress to feel for a fuzzy warm mass...

    Adventure #2: 'Alien' Scene

    So last night I went over with DH, Bro and Bro's GF to celebrate mine and my Bro's birthdays. I figure I'm never going to see Invisicat, not even going to try to locate him. After a nice dinner out, we retire back at the parents' house for pie and presents. I decide to take a seat on the recliner couch in the family room as Mom is getting stuff together and put my feet up. I pull the lever and hear a "clunk," figure a coaster or something must have fallen through. Then my seat starts to ripple and more loud banging noises erupt from underneath! I figured it out after about 3sec, Invisicat must be under there, right about when an orange ball streaks out from under my elevated feet, heads towards the front hall and therefor stairs, when he's met by startled DH (who "saw this orange cat with the fear of God in his eyes"), tries to pull up, but he's a fuzzy bastard with serious toe-hawks and drifts into the coat closet doors, spins 180*, drifts around the next corner and darts into the basement. Meanwhile, Cosmo, who has some awesome toe-hawks himself, was so startled he goes into a 10' drift down the kitchen linoleum! "I saw your cat!" I yell to my mother, who has missed the entire episode.

    So DH and I have seen more of Invisicat in an 8hr visit than my parents who have owned him for 2.5 weeks... The poor thing is probably permanently terrified, every time he finds a good hidey hole (under the floor, in the couch), something massively scarey (to a cat) happens!

    I'm sure there will be more adventures, stay tuned for #3!

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    I have memories ... my first rescue spent two weeks behind the woodpile in the basement. The last two spent weeks under furniture coming out only at night to eat.

    Eventually all of them emerged ... but it WAS frustrating to not even see them while they adjusted.

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    We have the phantom garage/barn cat. Adopted her last summer as a friend for my barn cat. We kept her crated for about 3 weeks. Let her out and have only seen glimpses of her since. I know she eats and my daughter surprised her one night in the garage sleeping in the heated kitty bed. I hear the two cats playing up in the hay loft in the barn. That's it. About 3 sightings in 9 months.
    "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanuel Kant

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