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    Jul. 2, 2006
    lawrence, ks

    Default Last minute foaling kit / navel dip question

    Hello all,

    I thought I had a good couple weeks left before my mare was gonna pop.... but tonight she looks like you could drive a mack truck through her vulva so I'm trying to cover my bases just in case!

    I was planning to get my foaling kit together this weekend ... no time for that. I think I can scrounge up all the basics tonight. But, I can't find my bottle of Nolvasan and I'm freaking out! I do have Betadine on hand - I know that wouldn't be a first choice navel dip, but better than nothing??

    I'm most worried about the dip, but besides that I am gathering together:
    pen and paper for reord keeping
    bucket for placenta

    Anything else I just cannot live without? We're talking bare-bones, last-minute here... this is not gonna be the most exhaustive kit ever but I'm doing the best I can at 10pm/

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    Mar. 8, 2004
    Baltimore, MD


    I like to give the foal some colostrum before it gets up so I would add either a bottle or a clean 12cc syringe plus a coffee cup or measuring cup to milk the mare in to. The rest of your stuff sounds adequate. Good luck!

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    Jul. 2, 2006
    lawrence, ks


    Syringe - great idea. I don't have a bottle on hand so I thought I had nothing to feed baby with. But a syringe will do in a pinch.

    I found the Nolvasan!! very relieved =)

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    Jan. 26, 2012
    Barboursville, VA


    Use a syringe cover 12cc and fill with betadine. Perfect fit for umbilical dip. Fill 3/4 and fit over umbilical stump at about 5 min post break and then 20 min post break. That's all u should need for that. Colostrum should be drawn and administered with help of VET. Hard part is knowing when and when not to get involved with the natural events. Emena is a safe thing but only to be used if foal doesn't expel meconium within 2 hours. If foal nurses early wait for a bit and allow that to do its course. Trash bag and bailing twine good to have to tie and contain placenta.

    Hope that helps. Best wishes
    Hyperion Stud, LLC.
    Europe's Finest, Made in America
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    Mar. 7, 2009

    Default Spray on the navel!

    I was at a quarter horse breeding/foaling barn and saw they spray the navel with whatever! But, it was so easy!!! Why did I not, or my vet not think of this! Forget the syringe...mix your stuff and put it in any clean spray bottle and wha la..easy to spray on and they dont even know your doing it!

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    Aug. 6, 2008
    springville, al


    Thanks Hyperion! Very helpful!

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