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    Jun. 30, 2011


    My Arabian mare Mika. She is 10, race bred, and dirt green. She is very solidly built. Her walk and trot are good, but her canter is rushed, so I'm waiting until she is really balanced at walk/trot. Lots of transitions and little connecting hh's. I got her in about September, and it has taken some months to get her in good weight, etc. We are working on relaxation, rhythm, connection, steadiness at the walk and trot. I've been on her about 5 times, and we are just getting into a consistent program now.

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    Oct. 13, 2006


    This is my second round!

    Some photos

    My horse Ginger: We have gotten lengthenings MUCH better, I cant believe before we THOUGHT we actually were doing lengthenings compared LOL. I do have some pics of us updated on so Ill share.

    We have started some sitting trot once a week with lovely results.

    Now we are trying to get consistant canter work and getting longer strides in working gaits We are also trying to get better turn on the fore and lateral

    Here is to the purity of gaits for another 90!
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    Dec. 15, 2011
    over the rainbow


    Ill play (first round)

    My horse: Laddy

    Working on: training level stuff, going on first level... steady submission when bending, begginning to work with him on collection and extentions at the trot. Lot of straightness and geometry, too, just because i seem to be very inconsistent with that per test.

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    Jul. 9, 2002


    I sold Darby, but before the left, we were getting contact and she was showing more connection.

    Billie- we are indeed jumping bigger stuff, 3 foot at times. I can move his shoulders to the left better and he is showing a small difference between the gaits.

    Misteria is very comfortable with jumping and we are still working on bending through the rib cage and stretching.

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    Jan. 1, 2010


    First round for me too. Pepe and I are working on achieving more suppleness in our lateral work, keeping my position strong, solidifying my canter pirouettes and 4 and 3 time changes. My young mare Nita and I are working on submission. She is initially against my leg and can be quite naughty about it. After about 10- 20 minutes of convincing her that her teenager self has to get out of bed and go to school, she transforms into a ballerina! So then we work on transitions within a uphill balance on the hind leg. Her canter is getting so strong! Also started leg yields, and counter canter. I love riding my gelding as he has the most generous nature, and he is far enough along that the work is very interesting. But, he finds balance challenging. My mare is the exact opposite as she has to be convinced to work, but once I have she is extremely talented in her balance and developing her carrying power. I can't wait to see where we are in 90 days, hopefully both horses will be qualified for Championships!

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    Mar. 25, 2011

    Default Fella bon Garçon First Installment

    I bought Fella a year ago, but we weren't making progress at the first trainer. We're having a great start at the new trainer and I rode him for the first time in months yesterday. Our goals are dressage, competitive trail riding, working equitation and knocking about hacking, camping, and the like. I'd aimed for intro and training level this year, but I'll postpone that to 2013.

    Right now I'm working on getting back our rapport, and riding less crooked. He's good and forward and has good gaits, although my trainer discovered on her trail ride that Fella -my standardbred/perch cross -will pace when he's mozying along -uh oh gotta work on that.

    He is total garbage! Quick! Hide him on my trailer (Petstorejunkie).

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    May. 1, 2001
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    Quote Originally Posted by meupatdoes View Post
    Can we start 90 days ago?

    Riser, December 6, working on "Hi, this is your new life. You're not on the race track anymore."

    Riser, 90 days later.

    Riser about when this thread was started.

    We're working on canter transitions. Canter transitions, canter transitions, canter transitions.
    Oh, and canter transitions.

    Hopefully in 90 days we'll have a decent canter transition!
    Wow! Transformation from first to second video was amazing. If you still have Riser, I hope you have a new video for the 90 Day update!

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    Mar. 27, 2011
    SW Ontario

    Default Round two!

    My horse: Cody

    Shorter stirrups have given me a more secure leg, and my hands are definitely better-behaved.

    Comfortable at the canter now, working on consistency of transitions - a relatively loose rein makes all the difference. Two-point could still stand some improvement. Focusing on roundness and getting Cody to learn that I won't crank his head into a "frame" (his past training). It's new for me too.

    Starting to venture into jumping with just a single little X right now. Would like to try combined tests next year.

    Holding off on more shows until I can retrain trailering - he's a BAD loader. Working through a clicker-training process - seems to be getting it so far!

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    Dec. 27, 2006
    Western NY


    Round One:

    Baylee (Bayshore Gal) - Came off Finger Lakes Racetrack in December 2011, spent 10 days in muddy barnyard losing weight before I got her on Christmas Eve.

    I rode her a few times Jan - Mar, then I had surgery in March and couldn't ride until Mid-May so the actual work has been ~60 days.

    We are working on stretching the topline at using herself correctly at the walk and trot. She has really started to understand stretching into the contact and stepping under, but is not consistent yet.

    Just this past week we started working on the canter which seems like it will be very nice once she gets stronger and learns to balance. The next step is to start some small jumps.

    Next month I am planning on starting lessons with her.

    Pictures are here:


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    May. 6, 2009
    The Left Coast


    Quote Originally Posted by TheHorseProblem View Post
    Myself: Currently working on whether I can ever learn to sit his trot without buying a new saddle. This used to be easy for me, but I had to start riding in a jumping saddle, and he is about as lofty as a TB gets.

    Also, working on consistently having the nerve to go on solo trail rides. He's fine with it, it's just me.

    My horse: Trainer is almost done teaching him flying changes. He goes L to R with ease, but R to L is always late behind.
    I bought a new saddle.

    I am working on the sitting trot by doing an exercise that I learned from Susanne von Dietze: sit two strides, then post, sit, sit, post, etc. This relaxes the horse and increases leg strength without me gripping and pushing myself out of the saddle. So now I can change diagonals much more smoothly, and sit the trot in 15 meter circles in figure eights, but this is going to be a tough one for me. It is humbling to be re-learning things I used to do with ease, but I am at least grateful to be riding after thinking I would have to quit and sell my horse.

    I was wrong in my initial post about the changes. It's L to R that he struggles with, and there is a recent thread about whether this is a soundness issue or a straightness issue. I have settled on it being a straightness issue, so I am working on counter canter and whatever lateral work I can do to get him stronger and straighter going to the right.

    Working on CC means learning it myself. My horse is way ahead of me on this.

    As for trail rides, I am still a chicken, but I am working on it. One step at a time.
    2012 goal: learn to ride like a Barn Rat

    A helmet saved my life.

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    Oct. 27, 2009


    Great idea! First round for me...

    Horse's Name: Watchman, 19yo Hanoverian Gelding

    Working on: Continuing to reinforce uphill balance in all gaits and increasing level of collection. Trot work has been excellent, canter is rapidly improving but of the three gaits it is still the most difficult for him. Working on maintaining steady uphill balance in canter half pass. Starting pirouette work and tempi changes. I took this year off from showing and invested my money in breeding so my goal is to work hard over the next year and show 4-3 and maaaaaaybe PSG toward the end of next season if all goes really well. My other goal is to do a little more cross training. Since we're not showing I've been trying to get out and go on trail rides (we have to haul out so it's a time investment) and I'd like to get him back out to school baby cross country fences. We had a great time doing a schooling day last summer and it seems to be great for his brain. We get some really great dressage work after cross training rides.

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    Round 1 for me

    My horse: Tucson
    Currently: Always, always more uphill balance, more thrust from behind. He carries pretty well, so it's the power he has to keep developing. 90 days ago we were still working on loosening the back and getting forward consistently, always, without me having to really convince him to do it. Now, he instantly reaches for contact with a whole lot less tension and more power. It was a one ride to the next change which just stuck.
    He threw me 3 1/2 weeks ago (not even misbehaving much, just happened to be in the middle of a half pass where he decided to make up for misbehavior by showing how laterally supple he can be) and I badly sprained my back. Today was my first ride above a walk since. We'll be working on continuing to improve my range of motion in hips/back which right now is the limiting factor in our trot work. We're also going to re-introduce lead changes. As an OTTB of course he knows them, and he did them with no problem jumping as an eventer. When I got him he did clean changes from a shift of weight. However, he had to learn to keep a lead to do counter canter work... and now we have to teach him it's ok to do lead changes, too, if we ask.
    I want cleaner transitions between trot and lengthenings/mediums/extended, as well as more distinction between each of those types of trot. The collected trot needed prior to medium and extended trot needs to become more consistent, too. At the same time, we need to keep that super relaxed, easy, high energy working trot alive because the other trots all require the things it gets him to do with his body as a basis.
    Our trot half passes still need quite a bit of work, but I need to regain control of my seat bones post-injury before I can do that. He has amazing lateral suppleness, I just need to get clearer so he can understand what's being asked. I can't wait until the biomechanics clinician is back in the fall because she's great at giving explanations which help me control my seat bones as I want. When I do that, he responds perfectly pretty much every time.
    My horse is a dressage diva so I don't have to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by katarine
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    Jul. 16, 2012


    I'll play! (First Round).

    Horse 1: Had a suspensory injury about 6 weeks ago and has been on stall rest and limited turnout. Vet is coming out tomorrow and hoping to get the green light to start bringing him back to work!

    Horse 2: Just bought him last month. He does all the GP movements but is out of shape. Working on getting us both back in shape. He is a big mover and has a lot more buttons than I'm used to, so I'm hoping in the next 90 days I can get comfortable in just w/t/c and transitions so we can enjoy the fun stuff more!
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    Mar. 2, 2007
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    I own/lease two 2005 models, both TBs. Think this is my first round, can't remember.

    Gelding: just started rehab in the tack after stall rest and limited turnout due to a soft-tissue injury; he's been on and off the past two years before we finally diagnosed the problem. A young rider is doing most of the rehab but I'll get on him once a week or so. He'll walk only for the next month but we trotted him briefly as a test and he trotted sound and beautifully. He was schooling first/a little second level two years ago before all this started, mainly being ridden by my trainer, although I showed him at Intro. His canter, which was his weak point, did improve drastically, almost by magic, after his first bout of lameness and stall rest but then he went lame again soon afterward. So basically working on making him into a sound horse again and then he'll be a project for this young rider, who is very talented and more able to deal with his quirky personality than I am.

    Mare: I've been riding her for a year while my gelding has been off and have finally gotten comfortable at the canter on her (she has a big canter with lots of jump) but we have lots of work to do on that this fall and winter, particularly on the right lead. We've got nice, very forward, elastic work at the walk and trot now with a pretty good connection and we're working on improving the connection and getting a little more uphill balance, so lots of transitions between and within gaits. I've been working on halts over the last couple of months and now we've got them down pretty well. Both she and I have improved a lot--including our scores, judges' comments and placings at shows--and I now have no problem sitting the trot.

    So, basically focus on the canter work and better balance. And she's an experienced foxhunter, so I'd like to get comfortable enough with riding her fast over terrain so I can foxhunt her. Maybe a little jumping, too!

    And wouldn't you know, after all the progress we've made over the past few months, she's off due to an abscess!
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    Nov. 28, 2011
    Upatoi, GA


    Quote Originally Posted by leahandpie View Post
    I'll play!

    My horse: Pie
    Currently: Working on achieving uphill balance in the left lead canter. Increasing engagement in trot work with sf, baby renvers on circle. Practicing shortening/lengthening frame (stretch down then back up, repeat) while maintaining tempo and balance.
    This is so fun!
    We have achieved balance in the left canter, now working on prompt and uphill UP transitions, and staying balanced/not falling on face in down transitions.

    Now working on a few steps of correct SI/HI down the long side, leg yields at the trot, and lots of bend/counterbend to keep him supple through the shoulders.
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    Jul. 12, 2012
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    Ok, this is my first round.

    14 yo PB Arab. Purchased at 8 YO broke to ride. Long periods of me just pootling around trying to get confident after injuring myself during a riding lesson (at another place) as a dead beginner adult. Getting back into some serious schooling this year after we had some footy issues and dental issues. We mostly train solo, we work on and off with resident trainer (his focus is more general, but the man has forgotten more about horses than I will ever know, so...) I am sans truck and trailer and most dressage trainers are at least 1-1.5 hours away.

    Biggest horse problem - horse is even more left-handed than owner Our primary goal is to get a CORRECT right lead canter. Equine chiro is coming out Friday to work on him, hoping this will open some doors. I want to do the Training level tests at the Arabian sport horse show in October and this is, needless to say, a big obstacle. I think we are capable of a good bit more. This was a bugaboo of his from the time I got him and my lack of confidence has just allowed it to continue on.

    Biggest rider problem -my general fitness level needs to improve. I've been lax about stretching and doing pilates and I am paying for it.

    Recent a-ha/yippee moment - working on lengthenings and even more leeeengtheeenings. (he gets bored easily and anticipates, so we like to try something new often, even if we just try it and then leave it for a while). Quite nice at the downshift and felt some good lift at the front. The boy's got a good motor back there, he just needs to learn how to use it consistently.

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    Feb. 20, 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by dudleyc View Post
    I think this is a great idea!

    Tia. just entering her in her first 4th level test 4-3. working on flying changes everyday as the left to right change has been really hard. Trot work is not as good as the canter work (as I have been focusing too much on the canter), sooooo going back to the basics in trot: like trot-walk-trot transitions, 20m circles, 3 loop serpentines. She knows all the "movements", but I want to get the same ridebility feeling in the trot as I have in the canter (like I can go a little forward, a little back, a little deep, a little up, a little shoulder fore, a little renvers and it is all easy and fun -like dancing).

    CM just entering 4th test2. test 2 as I can't really have 2 horses at the same test. CM has shown PSG with me, but he needs a bit of reschooling to get him more sensitve. He also needs more fitness. So I am just schooling the basics. Lots of forward and back, trying to keep my leg off him 98% of the time and then get him instantly reactive from a soft leg touch. Also really focusing on straightness.
    Tia got the trot work sorted out. Mostly very good scores at 4th level ranging from 65 to 73 percent. All qualified for the regional finals. Need to continue working on the flying changes. Single changes very good, but still working on putting multiple changes on a single line

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    What a great idea! This is my first round.

    My horse: Tango, 21 yr old TB gelding
    Currently: Tango is on stall rest after we discovered he has a small hole in his deep flexor tendon. Prior to his injury, we were doing Novice level eventing, and 1st level dressage. The surgeon was so astonished by how much he improved after 4 weeks in the stall that he cancelled the surgery. For now, I can ride him in straight lines at the walk. He's never going to event again, but I'm told he will at the very least be an excellent trail horse and maybe even a dressage horse. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    My horse: Roxy, 13 yr old TB mare
    Currently: Roxy and I are still getting introduced to each other. She's an excellent jumper, but needs more focus on dressage. We're working on calming down at shows and learning how to stay on the bit. We're also focusing on creating impulsion from behind to produce a lighter front end. We are currently doing Training level eventing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quietann View Post
    Great idea!

    My horse: Feronia
    Working on: keeping her from going through her outside shoulder (her favorite evasion), starting trot lengthening, getting a more uphill and controlled canter, and more understanding that free walk and stretchy trot both involve contact and stretching *out* not just down. Have a pro on her once a week to help.
    My issues are very similar to what quietann is workin on with her horse.

    My horse: Jeffrey (Orchard Hill Diamond Drop)
    Working on: above - we are at Training Level 1, and while we are getting great ribbons at the small shows we are attending, that it more a result of small classes than consistant quality. My trainer has me working on walk, trot, canter transitions, no stirrups, and within the trot posting 10 strides, 2 point 10 strides, sitting 10 strides. Also working on transition from canter to trot with just a low voice command and trying to get him to carry himself on the transition rather than just flinging his front feet out and getting heavy on the bit.

    We are also working on getting him out more - he has been a handful the last 2 shows. Trying to get him back to my good boy who used to ship so well and behave like an old trooper.

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    Sep. 11, 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by SendenHorse View Post
    My horse: Riot

    We are getting him in shape after doing nothing (and I do mean nothing) before I purchased him recently.

    Besides general fitness, I am working on straightness and a connection where he is not too deep.

    He is being worked 6x a week now.

    The goals for April include: maintaining this fitness schedule, better down transitions, getting better HH at the canter and starting more lateral stuff

    He knows a lot more then WTC but I'm trying to take it slow and steady. He is very eager/smart so its hard to not push him but he is prone to anticipation and its better to keep it simple/low key
    UPDATE: July 16-Riot is very fit now, lateral work has very much improved and starting SI at trot. He is much straighter....Overall I am better at keeping him working over his back when he anticipates.

    I am doing much better with my arm and seat position. Consistency has been hard due to the heat.

    Next 90 days: move to new barn, focus on not letting him fall in right and maintaining right bend in all the work, better corners. Get back into a regular program (min 4x) if the heat goes away! Continue to work on harmony and relaxation in both of us.

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