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Well, if you want to "discipline" your dog for acting up in a crate, I have these words of warning:

Any attention, even "negative" attention, can be a reward to a dog.

You think your dog barks a little bit now in a crate, wait until you've spent several days "disciplining" your dog for barking in the crate. Gee, bored dog says, I can get attention by barking! so he does.

As to the shaking the crate, I once watched a "famous" dog trainer turn a barking dog into a "freaked out terrified of crates won't go NEAR a crate" dog in one short session of yanking on a rope tied to a crate. You think a dog who barks in their crate is a problem? wait until you own a dog who will fight you hysterically, peeing and pooping in terror, clawing and biting in fear, rather than go into a crate.

If you want to teach your dog to RELAX in a crate, you might want to think about things you could do to encourage relaxation rather than alternative states of mind.