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    Dec. 31, 2011
    Cynthiana KY (~40 min. NE of Lexington)

    Default N KY & SE IN--possibly moving and looking for info/opinions

    Hi All! This is kind of long, so thanks for reading it!!!!!!!!! I'm cross-posting between the dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing, and horse care forums, since it seems a lot of people don't come out of "their" forum.

    We are toying with the idea of moving in the next year or two. We are looking at Northern Kentucky and SE Indiana. Some things I've been able to find out for myself, but here's some questions I was hoping you all could answer if you live in either area.

    A bit about us—we breed a small number of horses each year to race ourselves, our first foals are 2 year olds this year. That's mainly my husband's thing, although I enjoy it too. We train them off the farm so don't need to be right near a track—just ship there to race. I love to take on “project horses”, especially OTTBs, but I don't discriminate as I have a wide range of tastes as far as riding. My main sport is dressage and to a lesser extent hunter/jumper. Recently I have had a few gaited horses fall into my lap, and I have enjoyed getting them going well and selling them as trail horses way more than I thought I would. Right now I'd say I do about 4-6 horses a year for resale, but I'd like to expand a bit and maybe up that to 10 or 12. Any of our foals that don't make it to the races or are unsucessful for whatever reason, would go into my projects program. Many years ago, I lived in Lexington KY for a short period of time, so know a little about that part of KY, and a little about the northern part since I had a friend living in just south of Cincinnati. Otherwise I know nothing else about the area and nothing about SE Indiana except for what I've seen online in pictures.

    1.)Average cost of decent hay? Preferably prices in the tons but whatever you know is helpful. Since the majority of our horses are TB, we pretty much just feed alfalfa or alfalfa mixed with orchard grass or timothy. Keeps the grain/feed bill down.

    2.)With the project horses, I like to get them out a showing, but it doesn't make financial sense for the level of horse that I sell (under $10,000, generally in the $5,000 area) to do that at the rated level. So I can find the rated shows very easily, but are there any schooling shows or show series, in either of those areas? Dressage? Hunter/Jumper?

    3.)What's the predominant “type” of riding in the area? Right now we are in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, so we have a ton of English sporthorse type barns—dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing.

    4.)Can you recommend any good dressage and hunter/jumper trainers/barns in the areas? They don't have to be BNT and I don't mind traveling up to 1 ½ hour or so, for my lessons, since I don't take lessons weekly like clockwork.

    5.)Here in SE PA, we have several free magazines/advertising journals that come out on a monthly basis (Equiery, Equine Marketer, and Horse of the Delaware Valley are the main ones). Do you know of anything like that in either area? I thought that might let me get a feel for the area too.

    6.)Anything else you can tell me about the horse community in those areas? Or that you think I should know, horse related or not?

    Thanks in advance, everyone! I appreciate any and all information no matter how small or trivial.

    Sheila Zeltt
    Chestnut Run Stable & Zeltt Racing Stable
    Standing "Tiz Brian" at Stud, 16.1 h bay TB by Tiznow

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    I am from the area and I will PM you here in a bit! The good English barns will be mainly in the Louisville and Lexington areas... There are quite a few to chisel from. I grew in Louisville but have lived in NKY and Lexington. I can find out from friends who have horse barns in the area the cost of hay for you! The equine community is mainly saddlebred horses and English sports ie Dressage/eventers and jumpers. So plenty to do! Shows are also easy to find.

    Like I said I will PM you shortly with some good trainers/barns I would recommend as well as current local hay prices!

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