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    Default Black Rain Sheet

    My barn's colors are black and red. I was thinking about buying a black rain sheet and embroidering my name in red.

    Question is - Will it look like I put my poor horsey in a trash bag?

    I'm looking to spend about $100, any recommendations appreciated. Obv the clothes horse would be amazing, but they're out of my price range.

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    Feb. 19, 2011
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    No, I don't think so. Do you mean like Rambo Mack-in-the-sack Rain Sheets?

    I have 3 of these I've used once. Too bad they aren't black like you wanted.

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    Dec. 30, 2003


    If your looking for an actual turnout sheet, Schneiders Vtek Marathon comes in black and red. It's a bit more than you were wanting to spend but not too bad. $149.95 for the sheet.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    Bucas Irish T/O runs just over $100, the black with gold trim is very nice looking.
    Glue on applique won't affect water proofness, any stitching may (though you can use sealer afterwards).

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    Dec. 7, 2010


    Thanks guys, I was thinking more of a show rain sheet versus a turnout.

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    I worked for a barn that had black and yellow as the barn colors. I never thought it looked like a trash bag! But then I was used to everything being those colors. Along as you get the trim in red it should look fine.

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    I just got one of these to use at shows when we have to walk back and forth from the barns & rings in the rain (I love being in charge of our club's year end awards and can pick out my own award!!). I also chose a black one for someone else and did silver lettering/embroidery on it and liked it in that color. To me, they just look like a nylon sheet:

    They also have this one, which also comes in an insulated version:

    I think the black with red will look sharp!
    It's not about the color of the ribbon but the quality of the ride. Having said that, I'd like the blue one please!

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    I have one of the unlined rainsheets from Saratoga Horseworks:

    The only thing I don't like about it is that the inside sweats when it's warm out--the new cotton lined ones might be worth a try!

    Custom colors for a non custom price--very good quality for the $$$.
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