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    Default Dealing with insecurities

    For those of you who have anxiety...does it ever make you feel insecure? If so, how do you deal with it? To sum it all up, it makes me feel ridiculous. Especially when I have to ask my mom to give me ativan because I can't and don't want to let my anxiety get high...I've let that happen before, and it's a mess.
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    I totally understand where you're coming from- it only made me feel insecure as I was gaining confidence in my ability to ride out my mare's tantrums, or speak with unfamiliar people at the barn. Concentrating on breathing deeply in and out was the best relaxation/calming I could do when I felt like I was getting worked up (in riding situations). The best thing you can do since you're already prescribed Ativan is to take it BEFORE you knowingly enter a situation that will make you anxious. Its really important to head off an anxiety attack before it really hits, that way the medication can kick in before you experience symptoms and proceed as normal. I've found that by doing this consistently you can begin to train your body to NOT go into anxiety mode. Feel free to PM if you want

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