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    Sep. 12, 2004

    Default Anybody know anything about this hoof boot?

    Called the 'natural hoof shoe'....looks kinda sorta like a horse moc, but less expensive.

    My little guy might need boots if hubby is riding him, and I would like to carry something in case my mare gets into rocky going....but most boots are kinda big to 'carry'.

    Will be in the Pacific North Wet - so lots of wet grass and mud, too.


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    Apr. 9, 2003


    I have used this in a pinch for lost a shoe and it works reasonably well for that. I have only gotten maybe 2-3 uses before it is trashed so it is not very hardy.

    I guess if you are looking for something light weight to use sparingly it might be OK.

    I now use a Cavello boot when we lose a shoe, much sturdier and more cost effective because it lasts.
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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Douglasville, Georgia


    Those are not meant for riding. They are for therapeutic purposes only: lost shoe until farrier returns, bruised sole, etc.

    Poke your nose into the Trail/Endurance forum and search for "hoof boots." You'll get lotsa past threads with good recommendations.
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    Dec. 15, 2005


    If you look at the website, they will give you some information about different kinds of boots. I use an Easy Care Rx boot for lost shoes when my horse is turned out and not being ridden. I use Boa Boots if I am riding him and he has lost a shoe. Certain hoof sizes and shapes will not fit into all boots.

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