So the crazy mare is doing tons of ground work these days since riding = nervous breakdown. Mostly I have been doing it with her spare bridle, just a French link snaffle, no flash or anything. Of course she tends to gape and is unwilling to take the bit with any sort of steady contact (long lining she has figured out that she can stretch out and the lines will go with her).

Anyway, today I tried our old lunging caveson. After spending five or ten minutes getting it to fit fairly well (last hole for just about anything) and she was fantastic (once I put on the side reins and she stopped being an idiot about life).

The problem? Her face is long and narrow and the caveson was on the small side in all directions, and could not conform to her poor narrow nose at all so it ended up twisting a bit.

Suggestions for an economical caveson that would fit a narrow, long faced horse? She also has a nice big jaw, oh the joys of oddly shaped, extra special mares.