Just thought I would report since nobody had any feedback
when I asked about ordering from Santa Cruz Biotechnology
for my Spring vaccine and other horse care needs.

I do have a fairly sizeable herd so the $250 minimum for
free overnight shipping was not hard to make but might
be for a smaller barn. But $50 for free regular shipping
is not at all hard for most horse folk.

Service was excellent, items were carefully packed with
chill packs both above and below in an insulated container.
They stayed in touch via email every step of the way and
knew what they had in stock and what was on backorder.

Prices varied. Some like Vetera were about what all the
other places were charging. Others like Encevac-T were
$10-$20 cheaper for a 10 dose vial than anyone else. There
were also general supplies like fly spray and mineral oil
which were a few dollars cheaper than my other sources.

If you have a friendly vet who will help you with Rx orders
(or you happen to be a vet who needs to order items), you
may want to check these folks out. Their triple antibiotic
eye ointment is $10 to other suppliers $15+. Their dermosedan is $75 to others $100+. They also have quite a
lot of AI breeding supplies in their catalog.

There is also supplies for cats and dogs and most types of
livestock animal.

The website is www.scbt.com and I would expect they will
be happy to send a catalog should you request it.

Oh, and the company also supplies biological laboratory items
for those who work in that field.

The only thing I could not get from them and can buy from
other mail order places is rabies vaccine. Has something to
do with them being in California.