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    Default Potentially moving to Maryland ..boarding, schools , housing ...eek??

    My husband has been job relocated to the Lexington Park/St. Marys county area of MD. I'm vaguely familiar with Maryland have family in the greater Baltimore area..well more Lutherville/Timonium.

    What is the area near Pax River/Lexington park like ? In the way of horses will it be difficult to find pasture/boarding for two possibly 3 broodmares and or facilities to foal them out?

    For now would be potentially looking for a place to rent and would prefer to find one with land/barn to be able to self keep that greater area do such places exist?

    What about schools for human foals. Are the school's in the area decent? Have a 6 year old daughter we will not be moving util around October and I am slightly frustrated about having to acclimate to a new school after the year starts but such is life.
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    I don't know the area well but try:
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    I don't know that area terribly well but second the vote above to look in the Equiery. It's a fantastic resource. Best of luck!
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    Saint Mary's is very horsey if you know where to look. A lot of these places are off the beaten path. You absolutely won't have trouble finding what you want.

    If you want to live close to Pax and decide to stay in Lexington Park, Glen Mary's is four miles from the base's entrance. Huge, huge place with a mile of riverfront, miles of trails and very few horses (owner converted half for cows and most of the boarders left). Self-care and cheap.

    For children, I don't think the area is that great. Lexington Park itself is very small and very poor. If you want a good place for your family, you might want to look into the Leonardtown area. The schools are better.

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    Sep. 7, 2009
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    I love, love, love St. Mary's. My daughter attended college at St. Mary's College of Maryland...we called it Club Med on the St. Mary's river. They have lots of wonderful programming in the summer...concerts, etc. My husband and I are thinking of retiring there.

    Schools, I'm not sure seemed like most of the SMCM students were from private schools or Annapolis, not many locals. Annapolis does have some pretty great schools.

    I swear the sun comes out every time I cross the bridge into St. Mary's County!

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